Sunday, November 30, 2008

You can't win them all

This weekend I:

- finished Twilight (check out the review on my Bookshelf Blog)
- took a practice GMAT test (scored a 590, but I may or may not have been distracted by The Girls Next Door re-runs I was trying to watch while taking the test)
- finished NaBloPoMo!!! I am so excited. I love ya'll but writing everyday was not very fun and half the time I felt like my posts were a bunch of non-sense.

I am celebrating these two big achievements with a 100-calorie pack and Coke Zero and trying not to feel bad about the things I had planned to do but didn't get around to this weekend:

-Practice running outside- FAIL-didn't even run at all
-deep clean my house- FAIL-I only unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned the counters
-put up my Christmas tree- FAIL-It's still fall at my house
-see Twilight the movie- FAIL-too rainy and cold to go out today

Oh well, you can't win them all but at least I won a few!

I may take a break from posting for a few days so I can actually think of something thoughtful to say instead of boring you with my life.

1 comment:

magda said...

I think you get at least partial credit for making out a list--I usually find that my lists for the weekend end up being way more ambitious than anything I actually get around to accomplishing.

Congrats on NaBloPoMo! I don't know that I could ever pull that off : )