Saturday, November 15, 2008

What I want

Christmas always brings great commercials to make you want things you will never get. I saw this commercial last night and wanted to DIE. Seriously, it is so freaking romantic I was squeeeeeling.

If someone ever asks me to marry them I will be very thankful just to be asked, but if they did it like this (or something similarly romantic) I might pass out from joy!

Also, why do diamond commercials have such great sound tracks? I actually used to own a "Diamond is Forever" CD because I loved the music on the commercial so much, my mom went out and found that for me. Yeah, that was before Itunes.

I am also a sucker for the Lexus Christmas commercials. Every time one comes on I tell my mom that is what I want. I don't dream of sugarplum fairies. I dream of Lexus SUV's with a big red bow sitting in my driveway.


olivia hayes said...

Oh my sweet Labbit...

That is just ridiculous. I want to do copywriting for Zales, because I think I'm just that sappy and romantic.

Good call! ;)

MC said...

I think I'd be a tad more excited with that kind of proposal than that girl is. I mean really.

Suz said...

I know right?!? She barely smiles at it. I would literally faint or scream or cry or run across the street and hug him so hard and never ever let go or maybe all 4! But a weak smile? lame.