Friday, November 28, 2008

My Contribution to the Economy

So today is Black Friday and normally I would never ever shop on this day. I hate crowds. I don't care how cheap that TV is, it's not worth it for me. However, I was bored. I called the BIFF to see what she was doing and she was watching football and movies and doing a whole bunch of nothing too. She wanted to go to Dick's Sporting Goods and I was bored so I agreed.

She ended up getting the deal of the day ($70 bucks for the same tennis shoes I had paid over $100 for just a few months ago!) I almost bought a spare pair just because it was such a great deal, but I resisted. I did do my fair share of shopping too. My best deal was an ECU sweatshirt for $15. We also hit up Ulta and Old Navy. Overall I spent almost $150 today when I meant to spend absolutely nothing.

The really sad part is only one item was a gift for someone else. Everything else was all for ME!! It was all stuff I needed (for the most part- except $10 I spent on just too good to refuse offers).

Tomorrow I am going to actually go for a long run instead of just talking about it and put up my Christmas tree! So much work, but so worth it to get into that Holiday Spirit!

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