Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's a Football Tradition

So I think I am going to just make it in time for my post of the day. My clock says 11:58 p.m. so I am counting this for keeping up with my NaBloPoMo goal.

I left my house at 7:50 am and literally just got home. It has been a LONG day. I've been in Greenville all day for the ECU Homecoming game against Marshall. It's not always easy being a Pirate. We started out the day driving through lots of rain and spent the first 2 hours tailgating in the rain. We had a homeless man crash our tailgate (well, not really crash, just observing from a close proximity). We ended up giving him all our left overs and it left me wondering about him all day. Was he homeless? Why? Did he have a job? Has he tried to get a job? Oh well, I'll never know now, but we gave him a crap load of food, so I guess today was a pretty good day for him.

It was a nail-biter of a game that went into overtime, but we pulled out a win in the end (19-16). But the thing I really love about ECU football games are all the traditions. Tailgating before the game. Yelling "Purple", "Gold" across the field. The team coming out to Purple Haze (I LOVE LOVE that part). When the announcer says "First Down" yelling "Pirates...AAARRRGGGGG!" The "No Qaurter" 4th Quarter. The cannon being shot every time we score (even though it almost always gives me a heart attack). But really all the traditions are what make ECU football games so fun.

I was talking to a friend who went down to Florida for the big game last weekend. We have another friend who is a HUGE Gator fan. I always think "It's great. to be. a Florida Gator!" when I think of him. Anyway, they went down for this big game and apparently they have a lot of cool traditions too like "Gator Bait" and some kind a song they sing and sway to before the fourth quarter. I'd like to go to a Gator game just to see that stuff!

So what kind of traditions does your school have?

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