Monday, March 26, 2012

My First 10K

I was feeling a little better about running this week.  Last Monday I ran 8 miles in 1 hour 38 minutes.  That's about a 12 min/mi pace but the best part was I ran almost all of it.  I walked for about 30 seconds at the beginning of the last mile on a killer hill in my neighborhood.  But other than that it was a pretty good run.

I took the rest of the week off to save up energy of the race on Saturday.  I was going to do a short run on Wednesday, but was so exhausted from work I decided against it.  I did ride my bike to the grocery store twice during the week, so I did get a little bit of physical activity in.

Thursday night I stayed up until 3 am watching The Hunger Games and Friday I spent most of the day exhausted while working.  But on Friday night I could not fall asleep!  I had to be up by 6:30 am so we could leave for the race at 7 but for some reason I couldn't fall asleep until after 1 am!

I got up shortly after my alarm went off at 6:30 and got dressed, ate a granola bar and chugged a full glass of water.  I also drank a Diet Mountain Dew on the way to the race but amazingly I wasn't as tired as I thought I'd be despite the lack of sleep.

I rode with my friend Mary Beth to the race.  I think it was still dark out when we left.  I am NOT a morning person! AND it was RAINING!  I knew they wouldn't cancel because so much goes in to one of these races.  So it looked like we would be running in the rain.

I just wore my regular running capris and a short-sleeve dri-fit Nike shirt.  The only thing I would have done different was to maybe wear a hat.  The rain does get in your face while you are running and that might have helped.

We didn't pick up our packets early and only had about 30 minutes until the race started at 8am.  So we hurried to pick up our stuff.  For some reason I always get really nervous and have to use the bathroom before a race.  So while I stood in line for the port-a-potty MB took our stuff back to the car.  There was a long line for the bathroom so I was kind of freaking out.  They kept making announcements for runners to make their way to the starting line.  I finally got to use the bathroom and we made it to the start line with 5 minutes to spare.  Which was nice because we didn't have to spend a lot of time waiting around for the start.  I always get claustrophobic at the start or races

This race was a 5K and 10K and everyone lined up and started together.  The 5K runners were instructed to turn around at the water station. I had been expecting a small race because one of the girls in my bible study organized this race and said we had a good chance of winning something because there were only 85 people signed up for the 10K.  But there were a lot of people!  It was not a small race.

The start was crowded but I just tried to keep a steady pace until things thinned out.  About a mile in there was a big hill.  We were going down it, but I knew that meant we'd have to come back up it at the end.  Great.  Wonderful  Gotta love hills.

When we got to the water station I so wished I was turning around with everyone else.  There were so few people that kept on going!  I felt really alone.  I could see about four or five people ahead of me.  At one point when we turned a corner I tried to see if there was anyone behind me.  I couldn't see anyone so from that point on I told myself I was not allowed to look back.  One rule for the 10K was that you had to run at least a 16 min/mile pace.  Seeing no one behind me for that brief second made me think I was the last person and in danger of not keeping that pace!

But then I managed to pass two GUYS!  So I knew there were at least some people behind me.  I also got passed by a grandpa at one point, so yeah, not that impressive.  I kept having to remind myself that this is my race and to stop comparing myself to others because that would just ruin it.

I didn't stop at the water station because at this point I knew if I stopped or walked it would just mess with me mentally.  Then I saw THE HILL.  We had done about 4-5 other hills during this race, but for some reason this one was the worst.  I told myself not to walk.  Just get up that hill.  And I did.  But then I had to walk.  I walked for about a minute ("just to that road sign") and started running again.  I ran until I could see the turn for the last stretch.  I was kind of dying so I decided to walk for just 30 seconds or so in order to really push myself to the finish.  (See I told you I shouldn't have walked because it only led to me walking again!  Keep in mind all this happened in the last 3/4 of a mile.)

When I rounded the last corner and saw that the clock was not to 1:10 yet I was happy.  I ran as hard as I could and made it across the finish line in just over 1 hour 9 minutes!  It was an 11 min/mi. pace which I was happy with!  It was the first race that I actually felt happy and satisfied with!

This race was part of the Chic-fil-a Race Series so they had free Chic-fil-a at the end of the race!  That was a bonus!  And we got a nice tech shirt.  I definitely will do another one of these if they have one in Raleigh again.

My high from the race was short lived though when I thought about the fact that what I ran on Saturday isn't even half of a half marathon.  Oh goodness.  What did I get myself in to?  I loved the 10K, but I am still not feeling good about this half marathon.  Just 3 weeks to go! AHHHHH!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Snippets- God can use ANYTHING for HIS Glory!

I'm trying to finish up #27 on my list- read the Bible all the way through.  Today I started on Matthew.  It starts out with what I once thought of as the boring "so and so begat so and so and they begat this person..."  It is basically used to show linage because the messiah was to come through King David.  I was reading through this list but when I got to this verse (Matthew 1:6) I stopped:

"Jesse was the father of King David. David was the father of Solomon (whose mother was Bathsheba, the widow of Uriah.)"

It goes on to list the rest of the linage up to Jesus. But the names David, Bathsheba, and the word widow brought that story rushing back to me.

It's one of the most shocking stories to me in the Bible- the story of David and Bathsheba.  David was a powerful king and saw a beautiful neighbor, Bathsheba, taking a bath.  He sends some people to get her and bring her back to the palace and he slept with her.  Bathsheba got pregnant.  David tried to cover it up by having her husband brought back from war and getting him drunk and trying to get him to go sleep with his wife so no one would ever know it was his child.  But all his plotting and planning didn't work.  So David had Bathsheba's husband sent to the front lines of battle so he would be killed.  Then he made Bathsheba one of his wives once she finished mourning the loss of her husband.

The story was just so shocking because David loved the Lord.  He had been blessed by him and was a good man.  How could he make such a mistake?! Why would he do this??

God sends a prophet to tell David a story of a rich man taking one poor man's beloved lamb to slaughter for a party he was having even though the rich man had plenty of his own lambs.  This outrages David in it's unfairness and the prophet tells David "you are that rich man" because of what he did to Bathsheba's husband.  David realizes his sin and confesses his guilt.

But when I read that verse in Matthew I realized if David would have never had that affair and killed Bathsheba's husband then would Jesus have ever been born?!  He came from the line of Bathsheba and David!!  It just made me so thankful.  God can use anything for His glory! 

It's just so comforting because I felt like around me there's been a lot of discussion "is this a sin? is that a sin? should I being doing this or that?" And I do think it is important to think about those things, but if you stress out about it too much it can become paralyzing!  If you are sinning, God is going to let you know.  The Holy Spirit will let you know when you are doing something wrong and when you should change bad habits.  But if you mess up, it is not the end of the world.  Jesus has paid the price for our sins.  We don't have to die for them!  We just need to confess and repent when we mess up!  AND God can even use those mistakes to bring glory to His name!  How awesome is that?!?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Movie Review

Last night I went to the 12:01 am viewing of The Hunger Games.  I had been anticipating this for months.  I bought my ticket weeks ago.  I was so excited I could barely concentrate all day!

First shocking thing was it wasn't that packed.  Yes, we got there an hour early and by the time the movie started the theater was full, but I think I was expecting more craziness.  There were a few people that dressed up like people from the Capitol- crazy clothes, bright pink hair, etc. but for the most part people were in their comfy clothes because it was midnight.

They showed a preview for Breaking Dawn Part 2 which I thought was way disappointing.  It didn't really show anything except that Bella is a vampire now (shocker).

Finally, the main event!  Overall I loved the movie.  It was hard not to be critical because I loved the books so much, but for the most part they stuck really close to the book.  The casting was excellent I thought.  Katniss was perfect.  She was not warm and loveable, but you love her anyway and are rooting for her the whole way.  I was a little worried about Peeta because he didn't look so cute in some of the pics I saw, but he ended up having some hot moments and he is just so charming and says such swoon-worthy things, and the way he looks at Katniss...ahhh I love Peeta!  But dang Gale is really hot in the movie and I actually felt bad for Gale in the movie having to see Katniss and Peeta like that and I didn't feel that when reading the books.

Prim does an excellent job.  Rue was cute, but we just didn't get to know her enough in the movie I think.  In fact all of the tributes were not well known at all.  Haymitch was not what I was expecting and not quite as drunk as I imagined him, but he was good.  Cinna was good, but again I didn't get to know him as well in the movie and same for Effie and all the other secondary characters.

My only complaint was the shaky camera.  I get why they did that, but I had a major headache when I left from all the movement on the screen.

I already want to read the books and see the movie again.  And I cannot wait to see the rest of the movies!

The movie did make me question some things I thought the first time I read the books...mainly the ending of the last book.  So I think I am going to go back and read them all again.

I don't want to ruin anything for ya'll so I will stop here. Please tell me your thoughts!  I went with two of my friends who had both read the books too and they were a little disappointed.  I would love to hear from someone who hasn't read the books too because I think some little things in the movie would be lost on people who hadn't read the books.

Oh and when Catching Fire comes out I will not be going to the midnight showing.  It is just not worth it to be this tired!  I think I would have enjoyed it more if I went to see it today.  Happy Hunger Games Ya'll!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinterest Inspired- Hunger Games

OMG y'all!  It's tomorrow!  I get to see the Hunger Games tomorrow night!  I'm so excited!

In case you didn't know the Hunger Games was filmed in North Carolina.  In fact a lot of it was filmed just right up the road from where I grew up.  The Visit NC site has an article with a list of 12 Places to Experience the Hunger Games.  They also have a Pinterest Board with pictures of some of the places.

Here are some of my favorite Hunger Games related pins:

So excited just reading that!!!

Source: via ncsuz on Pinterest

I bawled my eyes out after I read that!

Source: via ncsuz on Pinterest

I LOVE Peeta but DANG Gale is HOT!

Source: via ncsuz on Pinterest

Again, probably my favorite quote of the whole series!

I wish I would have re-read the whole series because it's been a while since I read the books, but maybe that will make the movie even better??  Sorry for all the Hunger Games obsession.  It will die down next week, i promise!

Monday, March 19, 2012

9 miler and Franklin 5K

Soooo...on Friday I made my attempt at 9 miles.  I did 9 miles, but I most certainly did not run 9 miles and the only reason I didn't do less than 9 miles was because it was an out and back run, so I had to get back to my car somehow.

It was soooo freaking hot.  We ran at a little after 4 pm and the sun was blazing.  And I was not in a good place mentally as you guys know.  I was complaining by mile 3.  I had to walk for a bit before we even hit mile 4 (which is not normal). And I walked the last mile and a half almost entirely.  It was the worst run of my life.

I was freaking out because I had a 5K the next day and my legs were so sore I could barely walk before I even finished the run.  So I took an ice bath when I got home.  Yes, I actually dumped ice in my tub and sat in freezing cold water for 20 minutes.  It sucked.  But it worked!  I was a tad sore the next day, but I was expecting to not even be able to walk!

I ran the 5K Saturday morning.  I was slower than I'd like to be, but only a few seconds off my fastest 5K time.  I finished in 34:30.  I'm slow ya'll.  I don't think I will ever be a fast runner.  I've decided after this half, the only thing I want to train for is getting in under 30 minutes for a 5K.

The race was the ZTA Franklin 5K.  I was a ZTA in college at ECU and I was seriously impressed with the event the UNC Zeta's pulled off.  It was really organized, well attended, and the philanthropy (Susan G Komen breast cancer) was evident everywhere.

I even got to see one of my ECU Zeta sisters finish her very first 5K at this race!  I haven't seen her in years, but follow her blog so I feel like I know her better than some people I see on a daily basis.  She rocked it!  She was just ahead of me  for the whole last half of the race and I was so proud of her!  She is seriously superwoman.  She has 3 young kids and a  career and managed to train for this 5K and finish strong!  It was great to see her and meet her adorable kids at the race and see her accomplish a goal I know she's been working towards for a while.  She'll be rocking out a half marathon in no time I just know it!

One of my best friends and fellow Zeta Kristin ran the race with me too.  Being on a college campus and around all those Zeta's made us want to go back to our Zeta days.  We had never seen the ZTA house at UNC so we drove around to find it.  It was huge, but no where near as cute as our house at ECU.  We did love the Pi Beta Phi houses.  That's right we saw two super cute houses that said Pi Beta Phi!  As a former house manager and treasurer, I can't imagine having two houses!  They were both adorable though!  And the Tri-Sigma house had a sailboat etched on their front door which we thought was awesome.  Oh college days, how I miss you.

It was a fun race and cheaper than other 5Ks I've done.  And I didn't know this before we got there, but you can bring your dog!  I so want Cam to run a race with me!  I think I might do this one again next year.

I still can not let go of missing my 8 mile run.  I was going to try to do it on Sunday but I was too dang tired so I am going to try to do it tonight.  Plus, mentally I need a good long distance run after that disaster on Friday.  I was seriously going to try to get a refund on the half.  I was almost in tears at a couple points.  It was sooo discouraging.  But they don't do re-funds, so I have 4 weeks to get there.  I HAVE to do this.

This weekend I have my very first 10K.  I think the main motivating factor for this race is that there will be Chic-fil-a food at the end of it! I really don't want to think about time because I know I will just disappoint myself.  So maybe my goal will just be to do my best and feel good at the end of the race.

I was going to then try to fit in our 10 mile run next Sunday, but we shall see how I'm feeling after the race on Saturday.  I don't want to over-do it!

Oh why oh why did I get myself into this??

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book Reviews and Hunger Games OMG!

I finally finished The Host!  It took forever.  I also posted another book review so go check these out:

The Host- 3.5 out of 5 stars
The Choice- 3.5 out of 5 stars
Also I am so freaking excited! I have my ticket to the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games on Thursday night!! This is the first time I have ever gone to a midnight opening. How early are you supposed to get there? I feel like a giddy little teenager over this!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Clearly Fresh Bags really do work!

A month or so ago someone from Clearly Fresh Bags emailed me and asked if I would be willing to write a review of their product.  I get these kind of emails from time to time and I only say yes if it is something I think you guys will be truly interested in.  Since I have a problem with buying fruits and veggies and have them go bad before I ever get around to eating them, I thought some of you might too.

I am VERY skeptical and when I got these bags I was thinking they wouldn't make a noticeable difference.  I was impressed with them though.  The packaging was nice.  I got a good amount of bags to try out and the bags were large enough to store a lot.

I've tried them out with a variety of things: apples, bananas, cucumbers, peppers, and lettuce.

My favorite was the lettuce.  I am a sucker for the salad bags at the grocery store.  But I decided just to get a head of lettuce and tear it into salad size pieces and keep it in the Clearly Fresh Bag.  It lasted sooo long!  And it was easier to use because of the zip lock top!  I did notice a difference in everything I used it for though. It was great!

My only question is if the bags are reusable.  If I wash them out can I re-use them?  There website reccommended not washing them because the Breatheway patch won't work if it is submerged in water.  But what if I just rinse the inside out and try not to get that part wet?  Maybe I will just try it.

Either way I highly recommend these and will probably be buying more myself in the future!

Disclaimer~I received a package of Clearly Fresh Bags in order to provide this review. The opinions are my own.

My first half marathon training

I'm trying not to let myself get stressed out about this.  I have to just not think about it too much.  I started off strong and had a plan, but now that it is down to crunch time I realize I am a little behind in my half marathon training and these next three weeks are basically going to be hell.

Here is what I have done so far and my plan for the remaining time left before the race:

I didn't stick to the plan I had and things got kind of all over the place.  And please note that when I say "run" it's more like slow jog.  Like 12-11 min/mile pace.  And there might be some walking in some of those "runs".

Now I am kind of freaking out.  Today I am going to try to run 9 miles with a friend.  I say "try" because I have never ran more than 7 miles.  The week after we did that 7 mile run is when it all started falling apart.  The next week we did 6 instead of 8 and then the next weekend we just skipped it all together and when I tried to go out to do 8 by myself I could only force myself to do a little over 4 miles.  

Tomorrow I am running a 5K in Chapel Hill and next Saturday I am running my first ever 10K in Raleigh.  I've already signed up for the half so no matter what I will be attempting to run 13.1 miles on April 15th.

I'm trying not to freak out about it.

And as a bonus, here is a really cool marathon infographic I came across a few weeks ago (click to go to the original source where it is much easier to read):

Have you ever done a half marathon?  Were you freaking out your first time?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Wednesday- long hair don't care

If it wasn't for Wednesday and Pinterest, y'all might never hear from me!  Things have been busy and I have SOOO much I've wanted to blog about but just haven't had time.  Maybe I can catch up later this week.

For now, let's talk hair.  My hair has gotten LONG!  At first I was trying to grow it out.  Then I got to the point where I said I wouldn't cut it until I got married (if that ever happens) because then I would have a physical representation of how long I've waited for my husband to find me.  Then it got annoying.  Now I'm to the point where I just don't care.  (but I still do...kinda)

Don't believe me?  Look at this!

That is from this morning.  And it feels longer than it looks I think.  I have to go to a wedding at the end of April so I called to make an appointment with my hair stylist at the end of this month.  Because I've learned I ALWAYS need some time to get used to a new look.  I have an almost daily reminder of this from the time I thought it would be a good idea to get my hair done on the day I was getting my new driver's license.  And I decided to get bangs.  REALLY regret that.  A bad hair cut makes a HUGE difference!  Here's the proof:

I can't believe I just shared that because it embarrasses me every time I have to show it.  Sorry for some reason I couldn't get the image to rotate, but you can see my old ID with my normal hair and the new one with bangs.  Ugh.  Hate it!  And for those of you real life friends that tell me I look good with bangs?  LIARS.  It makes me have a pointy head!  And my face looks 5Xs more round!  Point being...I need to make sure I can work with anything that I may do to my hair.

I have a hair inspiration board on Pinterest.  And while I haven't decided what I want to do as far as cut and color (right now I am thinking still long but darker) here are some of my inspirations:

Source: via ncsuz on Pinterest

What do you guys think?  Should I keep it long or is it not worth it and too messy?  And should I go darker or lighten it up for summer? 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Wednesday- Shopping

I have been in a shopping mood lately.  On Friday I went to Target just to pick up some things like trash bags and diet coke.  But then I wandered into the shoe section and I bought 2 pairs of shoes and then as I was walking to the check out I saw a bag I really liked and I ended up getting it too!

Right now my tiny ultraportable work laptop fits in this bag, but tomorrow I have to upgrade to a new computer.  Yes, I want a bigger hard drive (mine is completely full) and a faster processor, but this new computer is not one of our ultraportable ones.  Now only VP level and above can request those.  So I am getting the standard business computer- the ThinkPad T420.  It is a 14" and not as thin as my 13" X301 that I currently have so today is the last day I will be able to use this bag as my work laptop bag.  Oh well, I'm sure I will find another use for it.

I've also bought 3 pairs of ski pants!  We went to the outlet malls Saturday morning and the Columbia store was having an awesome sale!  I got a pair of ski boots (learned my lesson that rain boots will keep your feet dry but not warm) and two pairs of ski pants for $25 each!  The boots and one pair of pants were both originally over $120!  How could I pass up a deal like that.  And then Monday I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to see if the pink pair of ski pants I was coveting for this year's ski trip was on sale.  They didn't have a sale tag on them, but I took them up to the front to check and I am so glad I did!  I got the $140 pants for less than $40!!  Now I just have to wait until next year's trip to use all this stuff!

Speaking of ski trip, my friend Heather just posted an awesome summary of our trip with lots of pics on her blog.  Check it out here!

I am going to leave you today with a collection of things I am coveting from Pinterest.  Hopefully some of these will be in my possession soon!

Source: via ncsuz on Pinterest

Must have this and other neon nail colors for summer!  I can't wait to have a tan too!

My Rainbows are crappy now.  I need new ones and now that I've seen these, I MUST have them!

If someone can find this shirt I will send you a reward.  I cannot find it anywhere but REALLY want it!