Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This post is really hard for me to write. I hate talking politics because it is an issue that divides us so harshly. The deepest part of ourselves is entrenched in politics. Our beliefs, our values, our experiences, our background, all shape the way we vote and who we support as leaders. That is why we get so passionate about it. Politics reflect our core self and everyone should fight for themselves because you can't count on any one else to do it for you.

But one thing I think we lose sight of is treating each other respectfully and taking the opportunity to LEARN from each other. I think you should constantly be evolving. That is the only way to get better. You should try to learn something new everyday. No human being has all the right answers, so we need to listen to each other, treat each other respectfully and learn from each other.

Everyone you meet has their own perspective, background, and experiences that you may not ever have. Instead of being closed minded and attacking them, just listen first. Treat them as a human being. Don't be close-minded. When you do, you just may learn something.

But don't stop there. You have your own unique perspective, background, and experiences that other individuals do not have. Share that with others. Do your research. Find out where you stand and why. Share that with others so they can learn from you.

But the key thing is respect. Respect each other. Respect our country and the political process. Respect the elected leaders, even if they weren't your choice. No one individual is the be all, end all to our country or our world. This democracy is about all the voices being heard. And even if your candidate didn't win the election, if you voted, your voice was heard and we should have faith that our collective voices will find the way. This is not a dictatorship, but a collaboration. If we all respect each other, listen to each other, and let our voices be heard then we can find our way.

My candidate did win and yes, I am happy. But I respect how the people that did not support my candidate feel today. That is why today and throughout the election I tried not chastise or slam the other side, or brag about the victories on "my side".

But I expect the same from others. Respect how I feel. Respect the fact that yesterday was a moment in American history. But most importantly respect our country's chosen leader. But don't ever stop listening, learning, and making your voice heard.


Anonymous said...

"And even if your candidate didn't win the election, if you voted, your voice was heard and we should have faith that our collective voices will find the way."

I totally agree! We need to move forward as a country and put the election behind us. There is a ton of work to do and we all need to start working together to help get it done.

I think now we actually have a chance!

Tim said...

Really good post. You're right, RESPECT is key.

Steph said...

Did you hear about the graffiti near NC State? So sad!