Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is a guest post from my dog Cam (AKA- Schnookums or Schnookie). Cam doesn't make many appearances on my blog, but that is not because he isn't a huge part of my life. It is because he is too fast to keep up with! But today is his BIRTHDAY, so I am giving him my translating and typing skills for the day so he can talk to all of you!

Today is my birthday! I am 2 years old today. (That translates to something like 14 in dog years.) I only know this because my mom keeps saying things like "It's your Birthday!" and "Happy Birthday CAM!!!!!", which was fun at first, but is starting to get annoying. I get all excited and then nothing really happens.

It feels like yesterday I was just a little puppy. (Probably because I still act like one.) I was so cute (still am!) Just a big fluff ball. So tiny. I used to bunny hop up the stairs every night to bed. (I also used to poop in the crate every day and shred mounds of toilet paper when no one was looking!)

I don't know if you can tell from my pictures, but I'm a boarder collie and pretty high strung. When my mom gets home from work, she has to entertain me (usually with the b-a-l-l or a w-a-l-k. Yes, I have learned how to spell now.) I am persistent. I will let you know what I want and I won't give up until I am satisfied. I will be all up in your grill and impossible to ignore. I'm obsessive. I love to do laps around the house which makes it impossible to hear the TV. I love to play chase with Bailey (my kitty brother) and make you think I am on the verge of accidentally killing him so you will get up to investigate. I have many tricks to keep the attention on me.

But today I need more than just mom's attention. I made her give me her blog post today so I can get some attention from all of you! I hear it is rude to ask for gifts for my birthday, so just imagine me sitting in front of you with an intense but adorable stare. I am telepathically sending you the following message: "ball, treats, ball, bone, ball, walk, ball, doggy daycare, ball, ball, ball." You know what to do.

Also, I know a lot of English- car ride, doggy daycare, ball, dog park, walk, go potty, monkey (long story), get on the bed, bailey, down, bow, wait, leave it, stay, no, let's go, high five...I think you get the picture. I am flippin' smart! So leave me a comment for my mom to read to me! (only because I haven't perfected the art of reading YET!)

Today is all about me. It's my day. Thanks for sharing it with me!


Hollie said...

Loved seeing all of the pics!
Cute Cam!

Steph said...

That was so cute. Happy Birthday Cam!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cam!

kristin said...

wow i can't believe cam is 2! hope he had a super fabulous birthday! he is soooo cute!

Vianca Hidena said...

OMG its so cute!!! i love what you did and write a post from him. I have my baby too,her name is zoe, she is really smart ... you can see her pic in my blog =)
Happy Birthday Cam from Gaby and Zoe