Thursday, November 13, 2008

Night Flying

I just got home from Orlando. The trade show was having a party tonight at Universal Studios, but I had already booked my flight when I found out about that (nice huh?). Oh well, the attendance at this one was way low and I was tired of running into the same people over and over anyway. As much as I love traveling, it really does wear you out. But I had a great flight home. Flying at night is amazing. I was glued to my window watching all the lights until we were above the clouds. Being above the clouds with the moonlight shining on them was so beautiful. It looked like a big, fluffy, soft, mountainous wonderland. We even went through a storm at one point and it was cool seeing lightning from that vantage point. The next time you fly at night, grab a window seat and enjoy the view.

I am deliriously tired now, so I'll let these pics from the hotel do the talking for me:

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