Friday, January 30, 2009

L.I.F.E.- List Idea Friday Everyone!

Every Friday I will feature a new idea from the book Dream it. List it. Do it! that you can add to your life’s to do list.

Today’s item is from the chapter on “Be More Adventurous”:

Jump over a car on a motorcycle

Seriously? Ok yeah, let me go out and try that his weekend and see what happens. Anyone want to volunteer their car? Needless to say this will NOT be added to my list.

In fact when I started looking at some of the suggestions in this chapter they seemed really far-fetched: “Swim with sharks in a cage”, “Participate in a camel race”, “Squat in an abandoned building”, “Travel faster than the speed of sound”, “Wrestle an alligator”? Were they smoking crack when they wrote this chapter? They might have been heavily intoxicated or something because one of the items in this chapter that I might actually consider was “Eat a tequila worm”!

If any of you have done any of these things, I seriously want to know about it, because I can’t fathom ever having the opportunity to do any of those (except eat the worm…but ewe gross!)

Also on a side note, my life has gotten a little crazy in the last week with this thing. I SO want to blog about it, but I am scared. What if I meet the one and he reads about this crazy stuff? What if someone inadvertently finds my blog? How do I write about this stuff but remain neutral? Or should I just let it all out? What do you guys think?

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Jane said...

Let it all out! :-)

I would have your same concerns. Is there a way to make just the posts you write about your experiences private, so that they can be read only by a list of people you specify? I know you can make your blog private and viewable by invitation only, but I wasn't sure if you could do this with individual posts within a blog. So, I guess one alternative would be to create a separate blog, like your bookshelf blog, and make it private.

I hope that helps at least a little bit! :-)