Monday, January 26, 2009

First Kiss?

Over at the 20 Something Bloggers, this month’s Carnival theme is firsts. In particular they want to hear about your first kiss. Since I love to write and feel involved, I thought I’d give this a shot…

There was this boy I was friends with before I started school. He lived in the same apartment complex we did when my parents moved to Morganton. I was, oh, around 4 and I think he was about the same age. We were BFFs. In old photo albums I see us all hugged up on each other in little mushroom houses at Smurfland in I know we were tight. One of the most told stories from my mom about my childhood is about him drinking my Strawberry Shortcake shampoo. I can’t even remember his name. But I have a funny feeling I might have kissed him.

Then there was my childhood husband. I was seriously going to marry this guy when we were in kindergarten. My mom said I told everyone he was going to change the diapers when we had babies. One of my favorite things to do was play dump trucks with him. He was my best little buddy until 4th grade when I moved to public school because I refused to wear a skirt to private school everyday. I don’t know for sure if we got to seal our childhood marriage with a kiss, but it’s a probability.

Throughout elementary and middle school I remember having some classmate boyfriends, but I don’t remember kissing any of them. But that’s not to say it didn’t happen. I just can’t recall.

The first real kiss I do remember was during my freshman year of high school. This was the start to my “bad boy” phase. I had a huge crush on this guy John who was friends with my friends and who ironically lived right up the road from me. He and all his friends were the kind of guys that got in trouble a lot and didn’t do so well in school. But I thought he was so hot and smelled really good.

I remember him coming up to my house to visit me and sitting uncomfortably in my living room with him while my parents were in the next room. I wanted to kiss him then, but it was too awkward.

Then the bad boys convinced us we needed to start sneaking out so we wouldn’t be under parental supervision 24/7. So we did. My friends would come over to my house or I would go over to theirs and we would sneak out and meet the bad boys.

One night we snuck out of my house by climbing out my bedroom window and jumping the fence. We walked down the street to a park to meet the bad boys. I remember sitting at a picnic table at the park in the warm spring night. John had such a great smile and that, along with the excitement of breaking the rules, had my heart fluttering. I remember him smiling and leaning in closer and closer and then it happened- our first kiss. It wasn’t too awkward, but certainly wasn’t the best kiss I’ve ever had. But nevertheless, I was on cloud nine. After that I think he asked me for a real date to the movies. I remember thinking “does this mean he’s my boyfriend now?”

But that date never happened. He abruptly had to move away with his family soon after that. But I still remember his smile and the way he smelled. Boys can smell so freaking good sometimes!

Ironically, I started dating his best friend over the summer that followed. (Why are the bad boys so appealing? I should have just stayed away.) But that’s a story for another time!

Speaking of kisses and great smelling boys, I have some things on my list that will require a boy. Since my social circle has pretty much completely dried up of potential suitors, I have turned to internet dating. (Cue the scary music)

I know. What a loser right? This isn't my first attempt at internet dating. I have heard real life success stories, that have sparked my interest in this phenomenon in the past. I've tried free trials on and eharmony- even signing up for a month long membership on each at one point in time. But I never gave it a real shot. I was picky and ignored pretty much everyone for some reason or another. The ones I did email with never moved past a phone conversation because I eventually would get scared and just ignore them.

But this time will be different. I signed up for a free trial on last week and so far it has gone pretty well. There are actually some interesting guys on there this time. So I'm giving it a real shot.

Need I remind you how much I hate dating?

This should be interesting!


Wani said...

My first "real" kiss was backstage during a play I was in (at 15yrs). He was older and a public schooler ( I was homeschooled) which made it all the more exciting for me. It wasn't completely awkward but it wasn't exactly amazing either - he was a very wet kisser.
Jump several years later... the first kiss with my now husband was amazing! He and I were watching a movie. He was sitting on the couch and I was laying next to him, w/ my head near his lap. We were still maintaining that we were "just friends" and had barely held hands at this point so I wasn't expecting anything. He totally surprised me. It was a clear declaration of his feelings for me since we'd already had serious conversations about how we wanted the next person that we were with to be the one that we married. It was such a special moment. Little did we know that we would be married six months later!!

Jane said...

I never understood people who thought dating was fun. To me it has always been more stress than it's worth. :-D

Don't feel like a loser about internet dating, though. :-) I know several people who met their significant other online; one couple is married, and a second couple is engaged.

Good luck! :-)