Thursday, January 8, 2009

Faith and Dating

I read earlier this week that “Faith is the belief in something that you cannot prove.” I thought that described it very well. Since faith is something no one has a definite answer to, there are a lot of opinions out there. So, the question is could two people of different or even opposite faiths create a life together?

In my opinion, I think it is possible. Would I want to do it? Probably not. Only because I think what you believe of the world and life affect you so deeply. That is why people are so passionate about religion and politics. While it is possible to respect other opinions, it gets complicated when two lives become one and even more so when children are involved. I think it is possible to make it work, but it would not be easy.

I also think that faith is a very personal thing. It might even be possible that no two look exactly alike. One Christian may not have the exact same feelings or beliefs about their faith as another one. One atheist may not see the world exactly the same as another. So even if you do have the same religion or faith, there would still be compromise and respect of differing opinions involved.

For me the real point of contention would be what happens after this life. For me, faith is almost a matter of life and death. I am a Christian and I believe the only way to God (or heaven) is through Jesus. If someone I married did not believe that, it would tear me apart to think what would happen to them after they died. I'm a romantic and to think of not spending eternity with them would kill me. (let's see if I am still saying that after I'm married!) Anyway, that thought might lead to desperation to change their beliefs which would not be good for either of us because I can’t “save” anyone. I think relationships with God (or the lack thereof if that is what you believe) are very personal and the only one that can change that is you or Him.

For me, I would be open to dating someone of another faith because it is not sharing a life, just sharing time together. I think spending time with people of differing opinions widens your view and makes you think. I am always open to that. But when it comes to marriage, I think I would have to marry a Christian. Marriage is more than just sharing time or space. It is a life together and possibly creating new little lives. Even if I wasn’t always on the same page as my future husband, I would at least want to be in the same book!

These thoughts were spurred because I read the most interesting posts from SO@24 at Starting Over at 24 and Emmeline at Harmful if Swallowed about dating/marriage and religion. And almost more interesting than the posts were the comments. You should check them out.


Angela said...

I think heaven (especially) is more personal than religion is. Doesn't everyone have their own thoughts on heaven? I believe that I will see everyone I love in heaven, regardless of whether THEY "get in"/believe in it or not. Heaven to me is a personal fantasy land, where everything is perfect. So if my future husband didn't believe in God or Jesus or heaven, I still think that he'd be there right with me in "my" heaven when I got there. Whether I'm in "his" heaven, though, would be different.

Emmeline said...

Thanks for the link and mention! I'm intrigued by your book blog. Thanks for coming by the blog.