Friday, January 23, 2009

L.I.F.E.- List Idea Friday Everyone!

Every Friday I will feature a new idea from the book Dream it. List it. Do it! that you can add to your life’s to do list.

Today's idea:

Learn CPR.

I have had to learn CPR twice: once when I was taking a Sports Medicine class in high school and again in college when I took a CPR and First Aid class because I needed an easy elective. I had a card proving I was certified and everything, but it expires after 1 year, so I’m not certified anymore. But I think if you were dying in front of me I would know what to do.

Is this something you would add to your list? Do you already know CPR? It’s a good skill to have!

1 comment:

magda said...

I really like this list Friday idea! I'm totally a list girl; if I write it down, I'm about 10 times more likely to get it done, I find.

I used to get CPR certified every year when I babysat. I did A LOT of babysitting in high school. Since then, though? Nope. It'd definitely be valuable. I often think of it when I'm on the metro at rush hour, and it's crammed full of people; I wonder what would happen, who would respond, if someone were to just collapse. I think my first instinct would be to hope there was an EMT on board, but I should be more proactive myself! Great thought.