Monday, June 21, 2010

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt!

Tonight the neighbors brought over some goodies for Cam and Bailey and me as a thank you for checking in on their cats.  So sweet!  One of the toys in there was a laser pointer for Bailey.  He loved it!  But soon Cam got jealous and wanted to show Bailey how it was done.  He was running so fast trying to catch that little red dot.  All of a sudden I saw what looked like mud streaks on the kitchen floor.  Upon closer inspection I saw that it was blood.  And it wasn't just in the kitchen, it was everywhere!  Blood streaks all over the carpet!

I told Cam to lay down so I could find out where the bleeding was coming from.  I soon saw that he had ripped the pads off of BOTH of his front feet!  I made him stay in the kitchen while I used every drop of carpet cleaner in my house trying to get up the streaks all over my living and dining room.  I still didn't get them all!

He didn't even act like it hurt!  But I cleaned them and bandaged them to stop the bleeding from getting anywhere else:

Poor thing!  This is the second time he has ripped one of his paw pads off!  I feel like a bad mommy for teasing him with the laser pointer, but he loved it.  He would've kept going all night if I wouldn't have seen the blood!  I think that will have to be a Bailey only toy from now on.

And I guess I will either be renting a carpet cleaner or maybe this is a great excuse to get those hardwoods I've been wanting!

He was sure worn out from all that playing though!


Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Awwww poor Cam, he must've been going really crazy for that little red dot :P At least he had fun :)

Rica said...

awww poor cam!

woodlandsblonde said...

Poor baby, glad he's ok!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Oh my gosh! Poor guy! That has gotta hurt!
Libby or Zeke will always do things that I swear has got to hurt but they just walk it off, like "no big deal!" lol... animals are weird!

GinH said...

Nola's do that a LOT... I just use a wet cloth with water and as long as I get it immediately, it wipes right off the carpet.

Jenna Renee said...

You've won an award!! :) Come to my blog at this link --> to check it out!!

Heather said...

Poor thing. This is my first time visiting and I was so confused until I saw the picture of the sweet dog.
I hope he is better soon.