Saturday, June 19, 2010

Holy Moly Phone Bill!

Last night I sat down to pay my bills.  Everything was pretty normal until I got to my phone bill.  My phone bill is usually around $90/mo.  I opened this month's bill and it was over $200!  I though ok, they just haven't processed last month's payment.  Oh no, they had processed last month's payment.  I had went over my minutes!  I had never gone over my minutes!  I had roll over minutes and the two people I used to talk to everyday after work- witty guy and the BIFF both were AT&T customers so they were free.

What the heck had happened?!

I couldn't tell from looking at my bill so I called customer service. Apparently I had started to dip in to my roll over minutes in April. April is when all the crap with witty guy went down. Now instead of calling him everyday after work, I was calling my other best friend- who is not an AT&T customer. I spent so much time talking to her about all my drama before the 9 pm cut off for my night time minutes that I blew through all of my regular monthly minutes and my roll-over minutes over the past 2 months. Now I was getting charged $.45/minute and I had gone over by almost 400 minutes! That's $180 worth of complaining and whining!

Lesson Learned. Yes, talking to a friend to work through a break up might help, but do it after 9 pm next time ok?

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woodlandsblonde said...

Goodness! Haha usually I text during the day and talk at night. I haven't gone over EVER either!

Well I hope that your minutes start building back up again, .45 a minute is A LOT!

Have a great day lady :)