Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm thinking about taking something off The List

Despite the fact that my AC decided to stop working and I am going to have to sleep downstairs on the couch tonight because it is like a million degrees upstairs AND I have to wake up and get 4 shots in the morning, it was still a great weekend!

Friday I went and hung out with my BFF and my favorite 4 year old. He is so stinking cute. While I was over there he runs up to his grandpa in the kitchen and says "Popa I have a Susan!" It was so cute! I think a Susan is a very good thing to have and I am happy to be his Susan!

Saturday was another surprise party! Yes, I know we just had one, but they are so much fun. This time it was for my friend's 30th birthday and it was an 80's theme! Normally I don't like dressing up too much, but I decided to put some effort in to it. I tight rolled my jeans, wore a bright orange shirt with a bright green tank top, big hoop earrings, zebra print stilettos and put my hair half up in side pony tail thing. I was glad I dressed up because just about every girl there dressed up and some of the guys too! It was hilarious!

We are just so goofy and comfortable with each really is like we are family. We were dancing our butts off to "Come on Eileen" in the garage and then we had a dance off to 80's music in the living room. The boys were hilarious! They were busting out moves like "the sprinkler" and "the shopping cart". The birthday girl did the whole "She's a maniac" thing from Fame. It was so much fun!

Most of us ended up on the back porch towards the end of the night and somehow everyone was going around telling stories of how they met their significant other. Well, in my group of friends the boys sure do like to pick on me. So they ask my crush "So tell us about the first time you met Susan!" (This was not the first embarrassing reference they had made about the crush that night. They picked on where we disappeared to last time...I swear I want to kill them sometimes.) He immediately laughed and said "She raped my ear!"

I met him a few years ago when we all went down to Savannah for Saint Patrick's Day. We all got wasted one night and had to get a van back to the house. I apparently made out with his ear while he was practically passed out in the van. I can barely remember that night, but no one will ever let us forget how I "raped" his ear! It has been a joke for years. I'm glad he is such a good sport because with any other guy I would have died of embarrassment years ago!

Unfortunately the night ended very badly. Two of the brothers got in a fist fight and one of them had a cut so deep above his eye that we thought he might have to get stitches. The brothers have fought before but that was the worst fight I've seen. I got up and went inside because I knew it was coming. One was pushing the other one's buttons and would not stop and they were both drunk and I could just feel the air getting tense. I won't go in to details but it was bad and I hate that is how the night ended because it was such a good night up to that point.

This weekend also got me thinking about the list. I turn 30 in a little over a month. I have a lot to mark off, but I think I am going to get most of them. And whatever I don't I will just move to my 40 Before 40 List.

I am thinking about taking one off though. I don't think I want to "ask out a crush". I have had ample opportunity to ask out a crush over the last few weeks (or at least make out with him) but I have no desire to. We flirt with each other and have fun, but I don't want to go any further than that. I don't know if it is because I see him more as a friend now or what, but I think it has more to do with the fact that I want the guy I'm going to be with to have the guts to ask me out if he likes me. I'm the girl and I want the guy I marry to treat me like a girl and court me. If I was just looking for a date, fine, I would ask out the crush. But I have given up on dating. I have no desire to get in another dead end relationship. I would rather be alone. When I do meet the one I want him to like me so much he won't hesitate to ask me out or "chase" me. Until then I can just enjoy flirting with the crush and dancing with random boys. That's more fun than all the drama anyway!

What do you think? Should I take that one off the list?


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I knooooooow how you feel. I feel like I am SUPPOSED to be dating, but I just don't WANT to. Waahhhh :(

The AC went out in my store about a week ago and it was miserable! I hope you get it fixed soon!

Lorie said...

Hey there, Suz! Just checking in to see how you're doing! RE: taking this one off the list, I say, absolutely! I think your reasoning is spot-on. And, you're right -- you deserve a fella who'll pursue you. I think it comes down to their testosterone-y competitiveness -- they want you more if they have to work at it. :)