Monday, February 2, 2009 Mondays

I struggled with if I should share my adventures on my blog. I mean it is very entertaining and exciting, but I just didn’t know if it was kosher to have a public record of my dating life that potential suitors could stumble upon and peruse!

But it’s just too good not to share. I am going to censor myself however and only share bits and pieces, but something is better than nothing right?

So here are some fun little teasers for you:

- During the first 2 weeks, I was so overwhelmed with responding to winks and emails, I had to make a spreadsheet of all the guys so I could keep them straight!

- After about a week of emailing, some of the guys started to ask for my phone number. I was so nervous to give it out! Not just because going from emails to phone calls was scary, but because I was still afraid I wouldn’t know who was who.

- I had my first phone call on Wednesday and it wasn’t bad at all. We ended up having a lot in common and talking for almost an hour.

- I had my first date on Thursday! It was very last minute and I had never even talked to this guy on the phone before that night, but he had an extra ticket to the Canes game! How could I pass that up!? I thought it would be super awkward and that I might even get kidnapped or murdered, but it wasn’t bad at all! I had a great time! He called this weekend and we might try to get together this week sometime.

- There is this one guy who is a really good writer (even if it is just email). We haven’t progressed to phone calls yet, but he is so witty and interesting. He is one of my favorites!

- Really, I have a lot of favorites. There are some great guys out there! But I am still nervous about this whole “dating” thing. I have never in my life been “talking” to this many guys. It kind of feels wrong. I wonder if all these guys are “talking” to multiple girls and I am just one of many. I try to keep this in the back of my head and not get my hopes up too much about anyone in particular.

-Some guys I do not respond to at all. If they are way outside my age range or location, have pictures that you can’t tell anything about them because it was taken with his camera phone in his mirror from like 50 feet away, or if he sends me a one line message with something like “You’re cute. Wanna chat?” then they do not get a response from me. They have this “No thanks” option, but I never click it because it feels mean. So I just don’t respond at all.

Well, that is it for now. I will try to update you every Monday with the adventures in dating for that week. Hopefully “the one” is somewhere in this mix and I can whittle it down to him. In the mean time I guess I will learn a lot about dating and hopefully have a lot of fun!

Oh and check out my review of “The Girls” on my Bookshelf Blog!


Wani said...

I'll be interested to read your updates. My sister and friend have both contemplated online dating but haven't really taken the leap yet.

Southern Belle said...

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She deserves it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Suz, don't be too afraid of the whole online dating thing. My wife and I actually met on As it turned out she wasn't a 200 pound snaggle toothed country hag with seven children and a chain smoking problem and I wasn't an axe murderer just looking for my next kill! God will direct to who you are supposed to be with if you trust Him and listen for that still small voice. One thought though, please do click on "No Thanks" if you are not interested. Most guys are more offended by being ignored than by you being honest enough to say "sorry, not interested". At least no thanks acknowledges their existance. Hang in there and have fun with the whole dating thing. Don't EVER settle for less than you want and be gentle with the ones you let down. See ya. Brian