Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pedicures, PTO, and Packing!

The weather for the past few days has been in the 70s and I love it! I broke out the rainbows this weekend for the first time in months. I love flip flops.

However, my feet are not flip-flop ready yet. I usually give my toes a break from polish during the winter. This week I plan on putting on a coat or 2 of my favorite OPI color “Strawberry Margarita”. (OPI has the best polish and colors out there in my opinion.)

I won’t have time for a shopping trip this week, but as soon as I can, I am going to head over to ULTA to pick up some new colors from their South Beach collection!

Just from looking at the colors in the flyer I got, I already have some favorites picked out:

Party in my Cabana or Feeling Hot Hot Hot for a fun pink shade

Sand in my Suit or Suzi and the Lifeguard for a lighter color

And I am loving Miami Beat for something different

Anybody have any of these colors yet? What are your favorites?

Yesterday I took a PTO (paid time off) day. My sleep situation is still not good. I started taking the 10 mg Ambien and it is just too much! It makes me loopy, knocks me out cold, and then won’t let me get up. I felt like I was loosing my mind and my body was falling apart. So I had to take a day to re-charge.

I slept until noon and then took Cam for a hike in Umstead State Park. It was the best day ever! There was no one in the forest because it was a weekday, so I let Cam off the leash and we hiked a good 4 miles. We saw a family of deer and enjoyed the warm day. We did end up getting lost for a bit. I thought I had got sidetracked on a different trail, so I ended up having to backtrack the way I came. It was so nice; it almost made me wish I had one random weekday off so I could enjoy things when they weren’t so crowded more often!

Tonight I have to bake and pack! Tomorrow after work we are leaving for the mountains where I will finally get to mark snowboarding off my list!


Brooklyn said...

Hi, my name is Brooklyn and I'm an OPI addict.

I already hit up the Southbeach collection the week they came out. I had to limit myself to only buying 2 because the funds are low (for $8.50 a bottle) - I'm sure I'll be back for more soon. I bought Miami Beet (have it on now!) and Feeling Hot-Hot-Hot! Love it - makes me ready for summer and the beach!

Mere said...

Oh I love OPI so much! I'd buy the polish just for the names; my favorite two are "Tangerini Bikini" and "Melon of Troy". I want that to be my job, naming OPI colors.