Monday, February 16, 2009 Mondays- Week 3

Not too much happened in land this week because I left for the mountains Thursday and had no cell service all weekend.

The 2 guys I went on dates with previously did not call me this week, but that is ok because there weren't any sparks for me anyway. I did talk to 3 other guys on the phone this week and I liked them all:

Guy #1 was the guy I said I had talked to last week and liked but he hadn't called me back. I was gald he called back this week!

Guy #2 was the witty guy from week 1 that I said I liked. He was almost just as witty on the phone as he was on email.

Guy #3 was the guy who had a piture with my Ex's best friend's wife. He was really down to earth and I liked him. No, I didn't ask him about the picture.

I told all 3 that I would call them back tonight, but I am exhausted from my trip and have so much to catch up on. I am wondering if I can take a break from dating this week and get away with it. Plus I think I left my favorite pair of jeans in the mountains and I need to find another pair I like just as much before I can have another first date.

I did mark snowboarding off my list this weekend and I'll be sure to write a post about that later this week!


Angela said...

I got two pairs of jeans that I LOVE at Charlotte Russe last month, give them a shot!

heath said...

YAY! Ellie and I found your jeans, and I've washed them for you, so you'll be all set to continue Adventures in Matchdotcomland. I so excited. :)