Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thanks for the reminder...

Guess what? I'm single. In case I had forgotten the ad agencies, media, and retail outlets have designated a day to remind me that I am not loved. (At least in a romantic sense.)

But you know what? Even when I have been "coupled up" I have never had a good Valentine's Day. Ever.

Last year I can't even remember what I did. The Ex and I were in a weird "are we trying to get back together or are we just friends" stage. The year before that was horrible. He got me a chocolate fish in a box that made it look like it was mounted on a wall and it said "you're a keeper". I was not happy. I came to find out that he had wanted to take me to Angus Barn and get me flowers, but I somehow messed up his plan. All I could think was "and THIS was your back-up plan?!?"

In 2005 I planned my move to Raleigh over Valentine's Day weekend just so I would be too busy to worry about the singleness reminder that year.

From 1999-2002 I was with the Long Timer and he got me a card every year. No romantic message or anything, just his signature and if I was lucky a "Love" before it.

This year I will be joining 7 couples in a 3 bedroom house in the mountains. There are 2 other single people going, but the couples to single ratio is extremely high. I'm sure there will be enough PDA and mushiness to remind me what day it is. Yay me.

Just once, I want to have a movie-love type of Valentine's day. Just once I would like to be happy to be celebrating that day.

Either that or go back to elementary school where everyone was almost required to spread the love with corny little cards and candy in my homemade mailbox on my desk. Ahhh...those were the days before everything got so freaking complicated!

I want to hate this stupid card-company-created holiday. But all the pink and red and hearts and flowers and chocolate sure make it hard to hate (or even ignore).

Anyway, Happy Valentines Day readers! Don't let my sarcasm fool you...I really do mean it and wish you lots of love this weekend!

(And consider this my little homemade constrution paper valentine in your mailbox...that should be enough to make you smile!)


cookincarrie said...

Valentine's Day reminds me of chocolate. Thanks Suz now I want chocolate.

magda said...

YES, construction paper! I liked v-day so much more in school, when you'd get to decorate a mailbox and get those conversation hearts and suckers and things, and the room moms would plan cool parties. I miss that.

Hope you're enjoying yourself this weekend! Couples or no, at least you're with friends.

I'm kind of over waiting for a perfect valentine's day. I think the whole institution is overrated, but I'd vote to keep the pink m&m's around : )