Monday, February 23, 2009 Mondays Week 4

I am trying to stay positive about this whole dating thing, but you know dating is not really my thing. Sure it can be super exciting when you find someone you really like who likes you back, but up until that point it can be exhausting. It has definitely been an experience though and I’m really glad I am doing it.

Here are the highlights from last week:

- I had a new date on Thursday. We had a communication error (he sent me a text I never got) but we still ended up getting our date in. He drove about 25 minutes out of his way to a bar near my house to meet up at 10 p.m. that night (due to the communication mishap). It was really late for me on a work night and I almost didn’t go, but I figured if he was willing to drive out of his way I should be willing to stay out late. When I walked in the bar, I noticed my best friend’s husband sitting with a friend at the bar and it was kind of comforting to see a familiar face there. It put me at ease joking around with them while my date was getting us drinks. The date went well and I think I like this one. He is the first one I’ve met in person that I could see fitting in with my friends. We have texted since then and he said he wants to do it again soon, but nothing is set-up.

- I have been talking on the phone a lot to “witty-guy”. We have a date set up for Tuesday. He cracks me up and I am excited about meeting him. A little nervous too because from our conversations I think he might have an amazing body. That intimidates me. But we both like talking to each other, so we’ll see how it goes. Ironically he lives like a mile from where I live, so that is convenient for date planning.

- Mr. Teacher, the one who went a week without calling me before. Didn’t call again this week. I called him Monday but didn’t leave a message. I thought he would at least see my # and call me back. No such luck. I liked his southern accent and we seemed to have a lot in common. Oh well, maybe it was a busy week for him.

- I randomly got a voice mail from Canes guy yesterday. I thought he had dropped out of rotation completely! He acknowledged it had been a few weeks but he wanted to get together again and go bowling or something. I haven’t called him back yet. I figure if he can make me wait a few weeks, I can make him wait at least a few days.

I am learning a lot about myself through this process. I think it will improve my conversation and listening skills which will come in handy for career networking and other things. One weird thing I noticed about myself is that I sometimes interrupt people. I notice it every time because I used to think that was so rude. I grew up as an only child so I never had to fight to put in my 2 cents. As I have entered the real world and especially with my big group of friends, I have learned that if you don’t interrupt sometimes, you will never get a word in edgewise. But I hate that this has transferred to one-on-one conversations with potential dates. That is one thing I am really going to try to work on this week.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for my date with witty guy. Hopefully soon some of these dates will transition to the weekend, because dating during the work week is getting to be exhausting!

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Jane said...

Good luck on your date tonight with "Witty-Guy!" :-)