Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 Days of Thanks- Days 27-30

Remind me not to do this again next year.  Yes, it is good to look for things to be thankful for everyday, but dang it gets boring around here on this blog and there are so many other things I want to talk about, but only have time to type out a post here and there.  So I'm finally finishing up this 30 Days of Thanks and will hopefully get back to more interesting content on here ASAP.

Day 27 I was thankful for...
My Bible Study

I think I have already been thankful for this, but honestly I am so thankful for them that they deserve two mentions!  If you aren't in a Bible Study, you should get in one.  But it probably won't be as legit and awesome as ours!

Day 28 I was thankful for...
Loaded Tater Tot Burgers

(and someone to split them with!)  We went to eat at The Busy Bee in downtown Raleigh and they are famous for their loaded tater tots.  Apparently they are so famous they put them on a burger.  Umm yum!  And luckily my friend was cool with splitting it with me so I didn't do so much damage to ever expanding thighs and waistline.

Day 29 I was thankful for...
The Target Clearance Rack

I got a little sweater dress from the Target Clearance Rack last year and wore it today and got tons of compliments on it today!  Sometimes you can find real gems!

And tomorrow on Day 30 I will be thankful to...
Have a 1/2 Day off Work

I have some vacation time saved up so I am looking forward to 1/2 day Fridays for the next 3 weeks, having a random Tuesday off, and the whole week of Christmas off!  Thank God for vacation days!

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Tammy said...

haha. I wasn't able to keep up with the daily post- so I did it all in one post, haha. :)

I suppose the real challenge is just to be thankful- and it seems like it's worked, right?!