Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Days of Thanks- Days 17-19

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I had a blast at The Color Run in Charlotte this weekend and hope to write a whole post about it soon.  I don't have much time so I'm going to get to what I've been thankful for:

Day 17 I was thankful for...
Friends who are hospitable

My old roommate lives in Charlotte and she let us stay with her Friday night.  I was so thankful for this!  It was so good to see her and finally get to see her place and catch up with her.  Friends who are hospitable are the best!

Day 18 I was thankful for...
The Summit Choir

Our church switched to a worship band instead of a choir a few years ago and I have missed the choir.  Every once in a while they put on a concert and I go to go this Sunday to see it.  They are so good and I can always feel God's presence in the room when they are singing!

Today I was thankful for...

I love sushi!  Our small group got together for our "Thanksgiving dinner" tonight at one of my favorite sushi places.  We ordered so much we even got a boat!  YUM!

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