Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 Days of Thanks- Day 7 & 8

Yesterday I was thankful to get to attend a party this place:

This is The Pavilion at The Angus Barn and I LOVE this place!  I have said for years if I ever get married, I would love to get married there.  (Although there are tons of other great places around RDU that would be on my list too!)  This is the third party I have gotten to attend here.  And they always do a fabulous job!  My company has these events once or twice a year but only depending on our whole North America's group performance.  If every team hits their numbers we get the party.  If not we don't.  Luckily we did!

Today I am thankful...

Yes, I am thankful for Microsoft Excel.  I love me a spreadsheet. When I tried online dating a few years ago I even made a spreadsheet of all the guys I was dating.  Crazy, I know.  I have kept all my personal budgeting under control for the past 3 years in Excel and recently was able to add a sheet for a year-over-year comparison of where I was spending my money and it has been sooo helpful!

As much as I love Excel I am no expert, but thankfully my boss got me some online training classes that are hopefully going to increase my Excel skillz!

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Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

That looks GORGEOUS! I've never been to The Angus Barn... I had no idea that little gem was hidden up there!