Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Return of Fall TV!

Last night I was so surprised that my DVR kicked into high gear. It was the premier of 2 of my favorite shows: Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill (I know I am such a teeny bopper). But I was thrilled because after months of nothing but Big Brother, America’s Greatest Dog, and Jon and Kate Plus 8, I finally have some real drama to watch!!

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read further if you haven’t seen last night’s episodes.

I am so freaking excited Lucas picked Peyton! Finally after a whole season of having to suffer through his fake relationship with Lindsey, we have the real love story back! I LOVE it! Why can’t I find that?!?!

Gossip Girl was pretty good too. I like that they are introducing some new characters- like B’s new British boyfriend (he’s a Duke!- and no I don’t mean Blue Devil) and I like that Jenny is not being sucked into that evil backstabbing world anymore and is back to nice Jenny (for now) and of course who doesn’t like Dan and Serena together? (They are rumored to be a couple in real life you know!)

I don’t know how I am ever going to get things done this fall with all my favorite shows returning:

• America’s Next Top Model- oh the anorexia and bitchiness! (premieres 9/3)
• Dancing with the Stars- I’m usually not into this, but they seem to have a good cast this time. (premieres 9/22)
• How I Met Your Mother?- When are they going to tell us who the freaking mother is? (premieres 9/22)
• Lipstick Jungle- Thank goodness this didn’t just disappear like Cashmere Mafia! (premieres 9/24)
• Ugly Betty- So much drama last season I can’t even remember where we left off! (premieres 9/25)
• Grey’s Anatomy- YAY!! Meredith and Derrick! Hopefully happy at last! (premieres 9/25)
• ER- Sadly it’s last season I hear but it’s been a good run. (premieres 9/25)
• Amazing Race- I want to be on this show…travel and competition- it was meant for me! (premieres 9/28)
• Desperate Housewives- Does Gabby really have fat kids? That flash forward left so many questions! (premieres 9/28)
• Brothers and Sisters- Will Kitty have a baby and will her hubby win the presidency? (premieres 9/28)
• Private Practice- It has been a LONG hiatus…glad to have it back! (premieres 10/1)
• Ghost Whisperer- It got weird at the end of last season, but I am hoping they will get back to their roots. (premieres 10/3)

Two NEW shows I am excited to check out:
• 90210- First NKOTB returns now 90210!?! I feel like a pre-teen again! (premieres tonight!)
• The Ex List- It has that weird looking girl from Grey’s but the storyline seems good (premieres 10/3)

All I can say is Thank God for DVR! I am serious because I don’t know how I would fit all that brain-rotting rubbish into my day without it! And of course this has nothing what-so-ever to do with completing my list, but it makes for some good entertainment and keeps me sane!

What other good ones did I miss? Oh and does anyone know anything about Nip/Tuck?


Brooklyn said...

Starter Wife is coming back on for a little bit. Sometime in October. What about October Road? Is that ever coming back? Thanks for the line-up because I watch almost all of those shows too. What did we do before DVR? I couldnt live without it.

Suz said...

I never got into October Road and I wish I had! Ever since they canceled my favorite new show ever- Reunion- I have been afraid to get into new shows!
But Starter Wife was pretty good. I'll have to keep my eyes out for that one!
And I left Greek off the list which started last week!