Monday, September 15, 2008

What color is your cubicle?

Most people I know work in a cubicle environment. If you don't, consider yourself lucky. It truly is an environment like no other. In fact corporate America is a world like no other. For some reason no one tells you this when you are in school. Perhaps because it is something new? What did people do before computers? Now it would be almost impossible to do your job without one. I certainly would not know what to do at work without one (since I spend practically 8 hours or more staring at this stupid screen- no wonder social marketing has taken off...the amount of actual face time people spend with each other has greatly plummeted!)

Anyway, I digress. The working world is something no one really explains to you. And even though I have read numerous career books and have thought I am in the right line of work. There are things I hate about it that make me question my choice: the cubicle, the politics, the lack of sunshine, the isolation, the backstabbing, just to name a few.

I came across a mention for this book on Andy Sernovitz's Damn, I Wish I'd Thought of That! blog today and it looks really interesting! Check out this preview:

It looks pretty cool! A Career Guide for our generation!

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