Friday, September 12, 2008

Random Friday Rant

5K Training

This week I completed my first week of 5K training and it wasn't too bad. Basically it was a 5 min walk to warm up followed by alternating 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking for 30 min. Next week doesn't sound too bad either so I am not getting nervous yet. Although I do have to say the hills around my neighborhood can be killer! Even Cam slows to a panting trot on them- as opposed to his full on running interspersed with sniffing stops. So far so good! If you haven't signed up to join the Jingle Joggers just do it now. It is good motivation knowing you have something coming up you have already committed to! And you'll get to help us pick out our dorky Christmas outfits for the race. Visit our team page here: Jingle Joggers

Mood Swings

I have been so stressed out lately because I am waiting on something that is outside of my control and it is triggering something in my obsessive mind. But it has helped ranting about it. By Thursday I was a little more calm and I actually read 3 chapters in my book this week which is somewhat a return to normalcy. But seriously I hate the up and down roller coaster ride my emotions were giving me this week. If I was bi-polar you would have to have a round the clock suicide watch on me because I don't think I could handle it. One week of that was enough for me thank you.


I hate food marketing. I have been obsessing over those new Domino's Local Legends commercials because they look so good! I got the chicken-bacon-ranch one last week and it wasn't all that great (probably because my expectations were too high from their stupid marketing). But now I am also wanting to try the Spicy Hawaiian one. I love pineapple pizza and "spicy"? That just makes it even more appealing! Then on the radio this week they were talking about Red Robin and it made me start craving a Banzai Burger, fries, and their yummy poppy-seed honey mustard. Then a co-worker comes over and we get on the subject of Chick-fil-a and he says their Honey Roasted BBQ sauce is better than the Polynesian sauce and I have to try it. They also have a new Chick-fil-a sauce I want to try (I love condiments!) and their new strips look oh so alluring. So far I have been able to resist all these temptations and eat pretty healthy at home, but really they should not be able to tempt me so much. Control these unhealthy places like they control cigarette advertising. It is just something I do not need to see. I did treat myself when a partner company came in and took us to lunch at Lucky 32 yesterday. I had their Southern Crescent Chicken Sandwich. It was a GRILLED chicken sandwich (healthy so far right?) smothered in pimento cheese and bacon (love how the fatty McFatty stuff turns it from normal into heavenly!) It was delicious. Aren't you hungry now?

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Abby said...

Hey sus

I just wanted to let you know that I have started training too, and it's not too bad. I signed up as an individual like an idiot! Anyway hope you are doing well. Have a good week all!!!