Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update on The List

I feel like it is taking FOREVER to cross the next thing off my list! (I’ve already told y’all I’m not patient at all!) I am also getting a little nervous because 2 years seemed like a long time when I made the list, but time goes by more quickly than you expect. And if I don’t get everything crossed off I am going to feel like a complete LOSER, so the pressure is really on. It would really help if I could find a money tree somewhere around here. I didn’t realize so many of these things are going to require a good chunk of change!

Anyway, here is an update on The List progress:

  1. Get in the best shape of my life- the 5K training is helping with this a little, but I need to step it up! Maybe I’ll get a trainer? They really do help!
  2. Try snowboarding – trying to get a ski trip planned for Feb. I guess I’ll be renting a board instead of skis!
  3. Get a job I love – Still no word here. I am thinking about going back to school.
  4. Take Cam to an agility class- no time or funds right now. But he did learn to “bow” recently (it’s so cute!)
  5. Pay all my own bills (with no help from mom)- I plan on taking over my car insurance when I get a new car next year. (My lease runs out in April.) I’ll have to learn to budget better in order to take over the gas though, and hopefully prices will go down a little.
  6. Ask out a crush- This would require an adequate crush. There are none at this point in time. Sad…I know!
  7. Run a 5K- I might have to take a week off from training because I have the worst blisters on the back of my heels! Or maybe I could run in flip-flops?
  8. Go to a water park and not feel self-conscious- luckily I don’t have to worry about this until at least next summer!
  9. Kayak- too cold to kayak now, but I think a camping/kayaking trip in the mountains sounds fabulous!
  10. Catch a fish- This can wait until summer
  11. Open my heart to someone- Yeah, that would require a guy. (see #6)
  12. Make a baby laugh- My friend in ATL is having a baby in Feb. Maybe I will get a chance to go out there to meet the little munchkin, act stupid and get a laugh out of him!
  13. Change a diaper (no I have never done this) - I don’t want to think about this. But whatever baby laughs at me, I guess the least I can do to thank them is change their diaper!
  14. Go on a mission trip- I found out about a mission trip to South Africa in December, but I looked it up on the website today and it costs $2500! That took the wind out of my sails!
  15. Help a stranger- no strangers that need help have crossed my path yet
  16. Find a doctor I trust- haven’t had time to investigate this yet, plus I have been pretty healthy, so there hasn’t been any motivation to do so.
  17. Grow a plant- I’m going to wait until growing season for this (someone please let me know when “growing season” is!)
  18. Upgrade one room in my house- My light fixture in my kitchen broke. I had already been thinking this would be the room I would re-do. So I guess I’ll do it one thing at a time. I’ll post some pics when I finally get a new light fixture!
  19. Travel abroad- yeah money is an issue with this one. I might have to count Mexico as “abroad”!
  20. Swim with a dolphin
  21. Go skinny dipping- No…no desire to do this right now
  22. Visit Washington, DC – I am trying to see if I can pull together a trip this spring to see the Cherry Blossoms.
  23. Take a dance lesson- I did have a dance lesson from a 7 year old last week…does that count?
  24. Sing Karaoke
  25. Invest in the stock market- umm…have you seen the news? I don’t want to get on that roller coaster ride!
  26. Kiss in the rain- Need I remind you? …THERE IS NO GUY in the picture right now. If I kiss my dog in the rain could that count? (Yet another reminder of how pathetic I am!)
  27. Read the Bible all the way through- I signed up for this “Bible in a Year” email service. It emails you a selection each day and in a year you will have read the whole Bible! I also joined a Bible study group. We actually have to memorize a new verse each week. It takes me back to Bible School days!
  28. Go see a movie at the theater- alone!- Nothing that I am dying to see right now
  29. Attempt Surfing- Again…waiting for summer…too cold for the ocean right now!
  30. Purchase 1 piece of expensive jewelry for myself- By the way, the other night I thought I lost one of my earrings and FREAKED out! It was just the icing on a bad day that I didn’t need! Luckily I found it in between the sheets on my bed. Note to self: Do not wear expensive earrings to bed anymore.

Oh and I finally finished my latest book! Check out my review of The Friday Night Knitting Club on my Bookshelf Blog!


Steph said...

Where I am involved in joining your fun to cross off items...please let me know the price WAAAAYYYY in advance! I stink at budgets! ;o)

Heath said...

Suz! You can cross off all the baby stuff, like, this weekend if you want to.
Have you forgotten that Julie has a precious little 5 month old who smiles and laughs and will charm the pants off you? Not to mention, I'm sure Julie will totally let you change a diaper, it's one less that she will have to change! LOL.

Heath again said...

AND BTW - i totally think that dance lesson we got from Molly counts. It was a routine she knew and tried to teach us. Little did we know a 7 year old could "bring it" so hard core.
But for good measure, we really should look into that adult hip-hop class we talked about. we could take our sweet moves to the club, HOLLA.