Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Friday Ramblings

Pirates Pound the Pack Tomorrow!
I got tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friends and I have been trying to get tickets all week! I was not paying over $100 per ticket though. I mean come on, it’s State. But this morning I saw a post for 4 tickets and a parking pass for $350 which comes out to $87.50/person. Still way too much in my opinion but below my threshold, so I contacted the guy and I am meeting him at 6:30 tonight for the deal to go down! WOOOHOOO! I am excited! I just hope the Pirates don't choke and loose to stupid State...that would be such a waste!

5K Training Week 2 Complete
I completed my second week of training for my 5K. This week, the assignment was a 5 minute brisk walk warm-up followed by alternating 90 seconds of running and 2 minutes of walking. It was more challenging than last week, but still not bad. I ended up cutting 3 minutes off my lap around my neighborhood which was super inspiring! Next week it gets more complicated though: 5 min. warm up- 90 sec. run- 90 sec. walk- 3 min. run- 3 min. walk and then repeat for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes keeping up with the time has been a welcomed distraction from the running. However, I am afraid next week I am going to have to work harder at multitasking- I mean with the I-pod soundtrack, keeping track of the time, and keeping Cam well behaved- than I am going to have to work with the actual running!

I *heart* TV!
So next week fall TV really gets into full swing. I am so excited! I re-watched the Grey’s season finale last night and got a shock by the preview they showed- Rose is carrying McDreamy’s baby!?!? What!?!? Meredith just can’t get a freaking break and be happy for once?

I am afraid this same scenario is going to happen on One Tree Hill too. I mean Lucas and Peyton didn’t get married for a reason. I bet Lindsay is going to come back and say “I’m pregnant” and ruin everything! Also psycho Nanny Carrie had a baby?!? What? This week’s episode was so freaking sad though. I bawled through the whole thing! I did love their analogy of “Grief is like the ocean…” So so true!

I’m also loving some of the new shows on the CW. 90210 is pretty good. Lots of drama, but sometimes predictable. Plus some of those girls are so freaking skinny! They look like little twigs walking around! I also love Privileged! I didn’t really watch Reba so I can’t fully appreciate how much people are loving that she is back on TV, but I do really like her on this show! Gossip Girl is also great. I am sad for Serena and Dan that they can’t seem to work it out, but I am loving the other storylines! Also, in case you missed it, there is a tranny on ANTM! And he/she isn’t that bad! And their make-overs this week were fabulous! Next week my DVR is going to be working overtime!!

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