Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cards

I said I would never do this.  I always had a little thing against photo Christmas cards.  For some reason to me they just seemed more about you than the person you are sending them to.  I mean it is just a picture of your pretty family for someone to hang on their refrigerator with a one line greeting like "Merry Christmas".  You can't even write a personal note or anything really.  I just was never a huge fan. 

But it is just so darn cute to have personalized stuff and I fell for it this year.  I took the cutest picture of Cam last Christmas and made some photo Christmas cards with it this year:

I still like traditional cards better and writing something personal.  I only sent out 20 this year because photo cards are expensive but I usually send out many more and I felt bad editing my list (but I did better than last year when I didn't send out any because I was too immersed in the Great Cat Hunt of '10- BTW yesterday was the one year anniversary of when I found Bailey, my cat, after he had been missing for 15 long, cold days!!). 

One year I made a Christmas CD and sent out a CD of Christmas carols to everyone on my list.  I got a Facebook message from a friend this weekend saying she still listens to that CD at Christmas and thinks of me.  That was probably my favorite Christmas card year.

This year I have only received three Christmas cards though.  Are Christmas cards out of fashion or is it just all my friends that are boycotting the tradition?  Or does nobody love me?  Who knows, but my cute new Christmas card holder looks really sad.

Do you send out Christmas cards?  Do you like getting Christmas cards?  Or do you think it is time to retire the tradition?


Kelly McLadd said...

I decided to make my own Christmas cards this year to save money. I bought the cards/card stock for 50% black friday sale and then signed up on shutterfly with my work email to get 50 free prints! Because I decided to make them on my own, I'm just now sending out cards because they took a long time to make. What was I thinking?! You'll be getting yours soon :) AND it will have a personalized message!

Savannah said...

I like getting Christmas cards, but I never manage to ever actually send any. :/ maybe next year! Also, I can't believe I've been getting your fantastic emails for over a year! I remember the Great Cat Hunt of '10 and praying for you! Definitely doesn't seem like a year ago!

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten a lot of cards this year either. I like getting cards, but I rarely send them out. I do not have the time! If I did, I def would though. This year I may do another video greeting...I did that last year and it was crazy fun. I guess we'll see!

Tales of Our Journey said...

Those are super cute!!! And I've send photo cards... I just switch ever other year with those and make funny cards with my cat on them. Merry Christmas to yoU!

T's Mama said...

I love your Christmas card - and I too still listen to your Christmas CD (it's my favorite!) and I always think of you. I did photo cards for the first time in my life this year - mainly b/c I'm so busy with T - I am happy to know I was one of your first 3 cards! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas Susan!