Saturday, February 27, 2010


I marked something off my list this week! I finally went to that Zumba class!

At first I was thinking does this count as a dance class? But oh my, yes I think it does. I was doing the samba, the cha cha, and there was a lot of hip and booty shakin'.

I drug a friend along with me because like I mentioned before I have this thing about showing up somewhere by myself. She really did not want to go, but agreed. You see her texting boyfriend (yes, I swear they have a whole relationship almost completely via text) was coming to stay with her the next day and she did not want to be so sore she couldn't walk and had heard Zumba was kind of hard. She was giving me sighs of dread which was making me loose my never a little.

We got there super early to scope out the place. We parked and watched the place for a good 15-20 minutes before getting out of the car. It was hilarious. We kept worrying. What if there are only 5 people in the class? What if we have to do solos? Oh my, there are screens in the lobby so you can see what is going on in the classroom! What if everyone is super skinny and coordinated? We kept trying to talk ourselves out of it.

Finally there seemed to be a lot of people in the lobby and they didn't look too intimidating so we decided to go in. The girl from my bible study group that had invited me was there with 2 friends. We chatted and signed in and paid (only $7!) and then made our way to the classroom.

The class was great! I'm not saying I was great, but I did enjoy the class. There were songs that I recognized and the moves were challenging, but not impossible. And by the end of class, I had worked up a good sweat. My friend and I left feeling good and very glad we went!

It was really a lot of fun. My only problem with dancing is I think I have developed a complex over the years. I am a people watcher and I have watched a lot of bad dancers and thought to I look like that? This has made me very self conscious about dancing which in turn has actually made my dancing kind of bad.

You have to let go when you dance and really get into it for it to look good. I have no problem doing this in the privacy of my own home, but put me in a room with other people (and in this case a huge mirrored wall) and I do everything as if I am doubting myself.

I didn't have this problem when I was younger. I was a cheerleader in high school and had no problem dancing in front of the whole school. Even my first few years of college, I didn't mind getting out there on the dance floor with all my girls. But years of watching other people dance has made me self conscious about it, and I now avoid it unless I have some liquid courage or am completely alone. (You should have seen me last night rocking out in my living room with my new Zumba moves.)

Maybe this Zumba stuff can help me get my confidence back! I ordered a DVD so I can get used to doing it full force alone for a little while and I plan on going back to the class (not every week because you know- money is tight, but I think I'd rather use $7 to go to that class than go to a movie! So it will be like my treat every once in a while).

This is totally not the type of dancing I had in mind when I put "Take a Dance Class" on my list, but I think it's just what I needed!


Ally said...

Everyone I know is raving about Zumba! Good for you!

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Pammy Ponders @ Reflectorville said...

it doesnt seem to be in the UK yet other than being able to buy it of info-mercials! Body Combat is my alternative!

Pammy Ponders @ Reflectorville said...

it doesnt seem to be in the UK yet other than being able to buy it of info-mercials! Body Combat is my alternative!

Wendy said...

So glad that you and your friend could come! I never got to take dance growing up so its a whole new learning experience for me, but I like it because its fun and a great workout! Hope to see you there again soon! Also, way to go on your fundraising for Dubai!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Zumba is so fun! One of my best friends is a group fitness instructor and she has got me hooked! The classes are offered at a kind of inconvenient time for my crappy schedule but I go whenever I can! :)

Jane said...

I took a Zumba class with my friend Emily when I was visiting her in North Carolina over Thanksgiving. I was super nervous beforehand, because it was the first time I had ever been to any type of exercise class. Although I did stumble a bit on some of the moves, after an hour I had definitely worked up a sweat! :-D I was however extremely surprised when I wasn't sore at all the next day. Congratulations on accomplishing another item from your list! :-)

Megan said...

I love love love Zumba... I was taking it regularly before I messed up my ankle and I miss it dearly!!!!

Janene Dalton said...

Zumba is amazing. It is really taking off and I can see people all over getting into this fun activity.

Jen said...

Where is your Zumba class? I want to go. I love to dance!