Monday, February 8, 2010

Materialistic Monday

One of the blogs I have been reading forever - Life in Pink - has brought back Materialistic Mondays (one of my favorite things about her blog!) and has asked her readers to join in, so I thought I'd share some of my Wish List wants today. My Wish List has grown to over 50 items so needless to say I am "wanting" a lot of stuff. Here are just a few items on the list...

Eureka71b Hand Held Vacuum- $39 on

This is supposedly great for dog hair (which has taken over my house!

Miss Dior Che'rie Perfume- $75 at

I need a new signature scent and this just might be it!

Rachel Ray 6 piece tool set- $30 at

I've seen the spoonula in action and it is a must have now!

Waverly Damask Curtains- out of stock at Target

These would look great in my living room.

Wii Fit

I played this at a friends house and loved it. Of course this would require getting a Wii, the Balance Board, and the game. But seriously lots of fun. The Hula Hoop game is Freaking Hilarious!!

What are your Materialistic Monday wants?


Katie said...

Oh, what a great idea! Hmmm...right now, I want a bigger flat screen for my living room and some furniture (a sofa-bed, a desk, and a book shelf from Ikea) for my little second bedroom/study.

So many things to little money.

heidi said...

I really want a stationary bike!

Oh, and nice bedding for my bedroom and a console table for the living room.

Ice Queen said...

I'm convinced that I would have the body of Megan Fox if I could just get my hands on that Wii Fit. It's just that simple.

angelasw said...

That vacuum is so cool! thanks for sharing :D

amy kelinda said...

Oh man, I want WAY too many things, haha! I've heard that the Wii Fit is a lot of fun, but I have yet to test it out. I'll have to convince my brother that he needs it, haha! (he's the one with the Wii)

tinypaperheart said...

the perfume bottle is so sweet. :)

Jen said...

I absolutely love those curtains Susan! :) I need new curtains and new blinds for the whole house. I want a lot of things mostly for the house/yard. Oh and I need new boots but they are out of stock everywhere, since Spring shoes are out now but boots are so much more comfortable than stupid heels.

Erin said...

I wore a Sephora sample of Miss Dior Cherie for my wedding and asked for it for our one year anniversary which won't be till July.

Love those curtains, but I'd worry they wouldn't let in enough light!

AnnQ said...

LOVE your Wish List! And the good news, at least for the items you shared, nothing is over-priced. :-)

My Wish List....a slightly larger flat screen, an Escalade (might get this next year :-) ), and a BullDog Puppy! (although I already have two 50lb. dogs, so we pretty much have all we can handle right now!)

Carolyn said...

I have those curtains! But I'm not using them - they are tucked away in storage. If you're interested in them, let me know! Was going to put them up on craigslist.

Shoshanah said...

In order to buy the balance board you have to buy Wii Fit! So really only 2 things to buy, granted those two things are still a tiny bit expensive.