Monday, February 15, 2010

Materialistic Monday

One of the blogs I have been reading forever - Life in Pink - has brought back Materialistic Mondays (one of my favorite things about her blog!) and has asked her readers to join in. This week I am posting some cool things I have recently purchased:

I got this whiteboard weekly planner at Staples. I'm hoping it will help me better organize my life and take things one week at a time. I put my weekly activities on there and also cleaning tasks to get done. Hopefully when I start planning out my dinners for the week, those will go on there too.

I got the pears and basket at Marshalls for $8 each. The pears will keep me from just throwing all my junk in that bowl every week and to give my kitchen some decoration. The basket gives me a place to put all the papers I need to sort through each week (mail, bills, things I need to fill out, receipts, etc.) without it looking like an overwhelming mess.

I got these pretty notecards and planner from Marshalls for $5 each. The planner gives me something to write in and keep track of activities when I am not at home and the notecards are to remind me to send more personal snail mail notes because everyone loves that!

This is what the inside of the planner looks like. I like it because it has lots of sticky notes, an envelope to put things in, and a place to write my to-dos!

Hope you like! The best thing about these is they were fairly cheap. But they are already making such a big difference! What recent purchases have you made to keep you more organized?


Kayla said...

Love the note cards. Very cute! I just bought a similar basket for my kitchen this weekend too. It just seems that the kitchen counter always has piles of stuff on it!

Heather said...

Very cute. I need to get a mail basket too. I love the planner!