Friday, February 19, 2010

Update on the List

I am less than 6 months away from my 30th Birthday so it is time to see where we are on the list progress...

Get in the best shape of my life- I doubt this one is going to happen. Just because getting in the best shape of your life takes consistent time and effort over a long time period and I have not kept up with it. I am going to start doing a boot camp for 3 months as soon as the time changes and it is light outside after 5:30 pm. I plan I running another race in April, but I am no where near the best shape of my life.

Get a job I love- I am so close to marking this one off. This deserves a whole post and it is coming soon. The only thing that has been holding me back is the low pay I am having to deal with.

Pay all my own bills (with no help from mom)- I still need to get off the gas card and pay my own car insurance. I need a raise!

Ask out a crush- I don't have any crushes right now. But if I ran into Ryan Renolds on the street, I would ask him out (even if he is married!) just so I could mark this one off.

Go to a water park and not feel self-conscious- I doubt this one is going to happen.

kayak- I plan on doing this in the spring.

Catch a fish- an old co-worker and friend offered to help me with this one, so it should be marked off soon!

Open my heart to someone- I'm deciding if I should mark this off. Over the last few years I have become so much less closed off and share a lot of my heart with others. The only thing that is holding me back is I hoped this one meant I would have found movie love, but maybe I worded it this way for a reason.

Go on a mission trip- I just got the approval and I am going to Dubai in July! Now I just need to raise the funds. I'll let you all know next week how you can help me with this if you like!

Upgrade one room in my house- I am doing the kitchen. I am bound and determined. I'm not going to do everything I wanted like hardwood floors and all stainless steel appliances, but I think I am going to do some upgrades hopefully in the next couple weekends. I also plan on updating my master bath and 1/2 bath downstairs while I'm at it.

Travel abroad- Dubai in July!

Go skinny dipping- This one is going to be tricky. Maybe I will go skinny dipping in the ocean one night while I am at the beach this summer.

Take a dance lesson- A girl from my Bible Study offered to help me with this one. She does a Zumba class on Thursdays. Unfortunately I have ended up working late the last 2 Thursdays and missed it. But I hope to make it next week. And I will be adding to my 40 before 40 list to learn a couples dance Like the Cha Cha or Waltz.

Invest in the stock market- Haven't even looked in to this one yet. I need a raise!

Kiss in the rain- I don't think this one will happen, but I still have my fingers crossed for a movie love moment like this someday!

Read the Bible all the way through- working on this. It's a long book! I hope I make it through before the deadline!

Attempt Surfing- Hoping to mark this one off this summer!

So that's where I am. One thing I am really thankful for is friends who have been offering to help me mark things off. I have been concentrating so much on the Dubai Trip that I barely have time to think about the rest of the list. So I am so thankful for those who are helping me with the list!! And whatever I don't mark off, will just get added to the 40 Before 40 List!

Happy Friday Everyone!


Alyssa said...

I hope to hear more about your trip! Sounds so cool.

And Zumba is really fun!

habecker said...

i challenge you to stop referring to it as 'movie love'. for your standard to be much more (real. of Christ) than that!

tootie said...

Your trip sounds like it will be great!

The last 2 on your list are on my bucket list, too. Let me know if you try surfing - I could use some tips! :)

Sam said...

Congrats on Dubai! That will be so exciting!

jerilyn said...

Great list- all completely do-able!

AnnQ said...

Your trip sounds kick-ass! Dubai is one place I've been meaning to go -- good for you!

Jen said...

Yay! Your trip sounds like so much fun. I'm sure you will accomplish things that you want, even if they are not exactly how you planned. BTW, Zumba is totally fun!

tiffany.amber said...

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