Friday, August 1, 2008

I bought the purse!

Today I made a huge purchase. I bought my first designer purse! It was $275 but I got 20% off by opening a Macy's account so that brought it down to less than $250. I looked at the purse several times over the last 2 months and was obsessing over it, so I decided to finally give in. It also helped that my mom gave me $100 as an early birthday present! Here is a pic (it isn't the best because it is from my cell phone, but trust me it is fabulous!)

I am using this as practice for #30 on my list: Buy an expensive piece of jewelry.

I also made steps to crossing off something else on my list. I booked a dolphin swim adventure for my cruise stop in Cozumel on Aug. 13. I am so excited! Only 8 more days until the cruise!

I'm headed for Atlantic Beach tomorrow, so who knows...maybe I will have something else to cross off my list when I get back!


Steph said...

Only 5 work days...then it's the weekend and it's...

Brooklyn said...

Welcome to the world of designer pocket book obssesion! :-)