Friday, August 8, 2008

Goodbye Real World...Hello Paradise!

I have exactly 33 hours and 45 minutes until I leave for Cruise 2K8 and the best thing about this is I don't have to be in the office for a whole week! My workplace is crazy. There is more drama than a spanish soap opera, more awkward moments than a first date with a midget, and more dysfunction than the Spears family. To get away for a whole week may be necessary to maintain my sanity! So starting now I am letting all that go and I won't even give it a thought until I walk through those doors again next Monday.

On Thursday they changed the itinerary for our cruise. We will be in Grand Cayman on Tuesday (my birthday!), Honduras on Wed., Belize on Thursday, and Cozumel on Friday. We'll be at sea on Monday and Saturday. Cozumel and Honduras got flip flopped. I had to contact the dolphin place to switch my dolphin swim (which was really easy with their online chat feature!) The only thing we didn't get figured out was our catamaran tour in Honduras. I called Carnival 3 times and got 3 different answers! But hopefully we will get all that straightened out when we get on the boat. I am so excited! We have been looking forward to this for so long it doesn't seem real now that it is here.

I will be sure to post lots of pics here when I get back!

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