Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Diamonds are Forever

The third thing I crossed off my list was “Buy an expensive piece of jewelry for myself”. The last day of the cruise I had to get online to check in to get my boarding pass for my flight the next day, and when I was in my email I noticed my account balance notification. I forgot I had been paid while I was at sea! So this got me thinking and I thought it would be a good idea to make this purchase while at sea because:

a) I had a little cushion in my account
b) I had other things on my list that I will need to save for in the future
c) I wouldn’t have to pay taxes on the purchase
d) They were having a big sale since it was the last day of the cruise

So before dinner, Kristin and I went to the shops. I knew I wanted a pair of diamond earrings. Something simple I could wear everyday if I wanted to. The first pair I looked at was $1500. All the earrings were marked down from the suggested regular retail (over $2000) but $1500 was still too expensive for me. The sales guy said I would also get a 15% discount, but that was still too much. I liked the square shape but they were all close to $1000, so I decided to look at the round ones. I found a cute pair that was $700 and then the guy showed me some that were just a tab bit smaller (about 1 karat total) for about $400. I tried them on and they were perfect. After the discount they were offering and no taxes my total price was right at $300. Not too bad! They are small and simple, but just what I was looking for. (they are much prettier in person!)

Kristin was looking for a watch and she decided to look at these really pretty watches. When they guy told us the price I tried to act cool like that was what I was expecting, but it totally wasn’t. The watch was over $2,000! It didn’t even have any stones in it and it didn’t look THAT fancy. If I had a $2,000 watch it better last for the rest of my life and I would have that thing glued to my wrist! And that was one of the cheaper ones…just think what some people are walking around with on their wrists!

On a side note I also saw the most amazing diamond in Grand Cayman . It was about 2 carats, but perfectly flawless. It was round and when you looked at each cut up close, it was a perfect heart and the thing sparkled so much! Just the diamond with no setting was $40,000. If someone really rich falls for me, they need to go back and get that diamond and put it in a beautiful setting for me! If not, oh well, I suppose I can settle for something less extravagant…Heck, I would probably even take a gumball ring if it was presented in a romantic way- it’s all about the proposal, not so much the ring for me. I mean you can always upgrade later on right?

I am still trying to get all my pictures uploaded from the cruise, so stay tuned for reviews of my adventures in Grand Cayman , Honduras , Belize and Cozumel !

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