Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Year's Forcast: Man Drought

Well, this year it has certainly NOT been raining men in my neck of the woods. This is so disappointing because a lot of things on my list require a man in the picture to complete (i.e. #6 ask out a crush, #26 kiss in the rain, #11 open my heart to someone). And speaking of crushes, most anyone that knows me knows that I ALWAYS have a crush. Shockingly enough, right now (probably for the first time in my life) I have no crush. Not even a celebrity crush! I mean Matthew McConaughey is hot, but even he is married (I think) and has a kid now, so what’s the point?

Raleigh is often touted as one of the best places to live for singles. Why!?! Where are all these eligible men? My guesses are they are either A) all in MBA or doctorate programs at the universities around here (maybe it’s time to go back to school?) or B) they are doctors, or lawyers or in some other high powered/high stress position which leaves no time/energy for socializing or C) too young/old for me or D) too shy to approach a girl, and if they are waiting on me to approach them, well they will be waiting a LONG dang time!

I even tried online dating and it is definitely not for me. I am too paranoid about the creepers/stalkers/psycho killers that could potentially be on there, not to mention the losers/ slackers/ crazies/egomaniacs that you would find in normal dating situations. I tried talking to a few guys but I was not feeling it at all and either let them fizzle out or just ignored their calls completely (mean, I know- I’m sorry!). Who knows maybe I am too guarded?

But I am really starting to hate the single life- who am I kidding? I already hate it. I hate not having anyone to help with daily things in life. I hate not having that emotional support to come home to at the end of a bad day. I hate not having someone that I can take to “couple” activities. I hate not having someone to have inside jokes with. I hate the pressure I keep feeling every time I get on invitation that says "Susan and guest". I hate always feeling like the loser single person. I hate even thinking about having to go on an awkward date and going through the whole “getting to know you” process again only to find out that in the end it just won’t work. I hate everyone telling me it is going to happen when I least expect it, enjoy it while you can, blah, blah, blah. (All this coming from people who are already ½ of a happy couple, so really, can they completely understand?)

I have 2 years to find someone that gives me butterflies. Someone that makes me laugh, someone that I can trust, and someone that “gets” me- basically someone that I can open my heart to. He doesn’t per se have to be my future husband (but that would be nice). Just someone I can get to know and hopefully love. I need help. If you know of any single, smart, funny, employed, attractive men, let me know. Also, I love hearing how couples met so I can get ideas of what I can be doing to meet someone. So if you are a part of a happy couple, let me know how you met so I can get some ideas going!


Tim said...

Hey Susan,

There's a mystery guy (I don't know him yet but I've seen him a few times) at my church that I'm going to work on for you. I'll keep you posted!


Brooklyn said...

Susan, I know you said you dont want to hear it from someone who is already in a relationship but I thought I'd give some words of encouragement...because bringing out the positive in situations is what real friends are supposed to do:-) Going on a first date and that 'getting to know you' part, yes - it's very scary - but should also be the most fun and exciting part of meeting/dating someone. Try not to think of the scary, nervous stuff but the feeling in your stomach when you see them. The giddiness and nervousness is something good. That is the best part of dating...and hopefully will be the best part of being with someone forever. I know you will find that person who will always make you feel like that. Just have a little faith that your day is coming. Things are looking up my friend! Someone will find you and will be blessed to have such a wonderful person like you. Hang in there!
xoxo, Brooklyn

ps. only 5 more days to paradise!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll get crackin' on the guy I told you about a while ago. Jermey let that one slip through the cracks.

Btw, me and Jer met online. Of course we did live like 3 blocks from each other at the time on campus at UD, but we really did meet online. Yahoo personals to be exact. Of course that was a long time ago before internet dating got weird. LOL.