Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bookshelf Blog

I read all the time. I love getting away from the stress and frustration of my own life by escaping into someone else’s. I also sometimes have a little bit of an insomnia problem where my mind will just not shut off and reading has become a great way for me to overcome this. It is also wonderful to relax by the pool or on the beach with a good book during the summertime.

I know a lot of my friends like to read too. And since I know most people love hearing suggestions on books, I am going to do a short review of each of the books I read. This new feature will be called Suz’s Bookshelf Blog. I added a link to it at the top of my homepage so you can visit it anytime.

I know everyone has their own tastes in literature, but this way you can get a short synopsis and my opinion on the book before you go out and waste money on a dud. I’m also going to try to post helpful links to author blogs and other resources. Please comment with your own opinion on any of the books that I review and if you have a suggestion for a good book, send that to me too!


Brooklyn said...

Good idea Suz! I will be checking this blog often...since I know you read so fast!

ps. I'm enjoying the blog thing!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea since I have trouble figuring out what to read. Have you read any of the Twilight series. I have become completely obsessed.


Suz said...

I haven't read the twilight series but I had a friend who highly recommended them to me. She said she breezed through hundreds of pages just like it was a new Harry Potter book! So they are on my list...along with about 50 other books! hehe :)