Sunday, May 23, 2010

Swimsuit Shopping

One of the things we are doing in Dubai is going to a water park.  Is this a sign God?  Seriously, I put on my list to not feel self-conscious at a water park and now you are pretty much forcing me to go to one?

There are 2 ways to go about not feeling self conscious at a water park:

1. Have a banging body and know it
2. Be ok with your body and not worry about what other people are thinking of you

Neither one of these are easy unless you are blessed with wonderful genetics.  I am working on getting my body back in shape, but it is not going to be where I want it to be by July.  Plus even if it was, there is that nasty little thing called cellulite.  Even skinny girls and celebrities have it.  And it is dang hard to hide it in a swimsuit.

The second option is just as hard because who doesn't care what people think.  Everyone does.  And if you say that you don't, well, good for you, but I am willing to bet just about everyone cares what people think of them at least some of the time.  And for girls being ok with your body is almost impossible.  We have body issues.  No matter what shape or size you are, every girl has probably at one point or another had issues with their body.  Maybe it is from the media...maybe it is from commercials and magazines and TVs and movies that feature skinny women 24/7 or maybe it is from a mean comment or embarrassment as a child.  Kids can be mean and if someone said something hurtful to you or embarrassed you as a child it is likely to stick with you for a long time.  I still remember a mean girl on the playground calling me chubby in 3rd grade.  And um, yeah I was 8 and not fat at all, but I still remember that comment and embarrassment.

Also a water park is different than laying out at the beach or pool.  At a beach or pool you are lounging around most of the time and when you do get up to go get in the water, you can quickly get from your chair to under the water without much notice from others.  But at a water park, you are constantly walking around and climbing stairs and not to mention the possible wardrobe malfunctions that can occur on the slides.

Now I am adding on top of that being in a different country- a conservative Muslim country.  The rules are we have to wear a one piece.  I have not worn a one piece since I was 14.  I don't even own one.  For some reason I feel like one piece suits accentuate my biggest physical flaw- my legs.  I am short.  5'1"- if that.  I have short stubby legs that I have hated since middle school.  When I wear a one piece I feel like all the attention is on my legs for some reason.  And I hate it.

So now I am one the hunt for a one piece swimsuit.  Here are some options I have come across:

I like this one because the color blocking seems to break up the fabric and divert the eye upward.
This one is borderline mom skirt style, but for some reason I like it.
It's a pattern and it's pink and it's cheap.

I like that it is solid black, but throws in some polka dots and I like the ties on the sides.

These next 3 I like because they look like Tankinis but they are actually one piece suits so they fit in the rules:
This one is the cheapest option.  Like by far!

I'm drawn to browns and paisley for some reason.
I think this one is my favorite, but it is more than I was wanting to spend.

Like I said we are going to be in a Muslim country and from what I heard, some women go dressed fully clothed.  I mean theses are the same women you see covered from head to toe in all black.  How they do that in 100+ degree weather I have no clue.  Apparently the Burkini is also very popular over there:
If someone will buy me one, I might just rock it over there.  But I don't know how I would not feel self-conscious dressed in this, but for totally different reasons!

So tell me, which suit do you like best?  Any suggestions on where to look for more one piece options?


Meg said...

Discovered your blog not all that long ago... I read but don't often comment.

So for what it's worth... I really like the black with the polka dot detail and the brown paisley suits :) Super cute.

La Colombiana said...

Hi :) New to your blog but so far enjoying it very much! I love the green & white striped one, but I am absolutely obsessed w/ anything that's striped so in that sense I'm biased. However, people always tell me that horizontal stripes are not the way to I end up choosing one solid color. But anyway, all that just to tell you that the blue one is killer! You should definitely rock that.

Erin said...

I'm wearing a black and white Liberty of London from Target one piece this year that I love because it's fully lined and doesn't show the bumps and bulges too much. My favorite is the blue botanical cheap tankini one, then the green and white stripes, then the color block first one. I'm not big on an all black suit, just doesn't scream summer fun to me.

Sam said...

I absolutely LOVE the second one! That blue is beautiful and I love the style. Super cute.

heidi said...

The black one is super cute!! Love the polka dots. Coming in second is the pink one... super cute and normally I don't even love big patterns like that. Go figure!

AuntBT said...

There is the designer, Norma Kamali, actually created a line for Walmart, and the bathing suits are really cute. You might try there! They're pretty darn cheap!

Abby said...

I like the second one b/c it is a throwback to the 50s/60s.

kristin said...

i like both of the blue ones. i think the light blue cheap one is my fav!

Heather said...

I like the first one. I think it will do the best job of taking the attention off of your legs so you can feel comfortable.

Michelle said...

I like the paisley one!