Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

- Getting over the end of a relationship is hard...I forgot how hard it can be. But everyday gets better. I still have moments where it bothers me, but at least it isn't whole days. I am actually happy most of the time and staying busy. I have never been so thankful for never neglecting my friendships, because I could not have made it through this on my own. You know how you can get sucked in to a relationship and totally stop hanging out with your friends? Well, I made a decision years ago to never do that because I've seen what it can be like if you come out of a relationship to no friends because you have ignored them or been too busy for them while you were all in "love" with the boy. Girls- don't do this. I PROMISE you will need your friends. Foster those relationships so that they will be there to pick you up, make you laugh, take you out, and accept you for who you are when you fall down. I seriously have the most AWESOME friends EVER!

- I am getting more serious about this weight loss stuff. I have been going to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with my friend for weeks, but now I am running my neighborhood or the lake at night too. This heartbreak probably helped because I was physically ill from all the stress. I could barely eat for the last 2 weeks and when I did it just made me sick. I weighed myself today for the first time in a long time and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I thought it was going to be impossible, but it isn't. It is going to take more than 3 months though. So I am amending the list to accomplish it before the end of that year of being 30. It will probably take me at least that long to accept being in my 30s, so I think it is kind of a good thing. I am using the "Lose it" app on the iphone to track my calories and exercise. With reasonable expectations (you know I'm not going to be losing 2 lbs a week every week...I know my body better than that by now!) it says I should meet my goal right before Valentine's Day next year. Wouldn't that be a great day to celebrate loving myself and being able to see the results!?

- I read this on Gigi's Gone Shopping today and it is worth re-posting:

Always have in your closet:
1. Something you can wear to an interview or court (or any situation where you'll need to project authority), that you feel confident in.
2. Something you can wear to a funeral that allows you to not think about your clothing.
3. Something you can wear to a wedding/party/special occasion that you feel beautiful in.
Get these things in advance. Its always better to 'have and not need' than to 'need and not have'.

I don't have any of these. I get by with the interview stuff I have, but honestly it doesn't make me feel powerful or authoritative. I have nothing to wear to a funeral. None of my dresses make me feel beautiful right now. So yeah, I might need to go on a hunt for these items. I also need to go on a hunt for some new bras. I haven't bought any in a while and the ones I have are not comfortable. Anyone know of a good bra fitter? I don't think the girls at Victoria Secret are spot on because they have given me a different size every time I've ever had them do it.

-Tomorrow is my last day at my current job! I am sad, but so excited to start this new chapter. Plus it isn't like I will be gone forever, because I know they still need me to help out with special projects and stuff when I have time for now!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!


worldinsidemyhead said...

I feel like you're in my head! lol Getting over a relationship, appreciating great friends, working on losing weight, not having clothes you feel confident in, thinking about getting new bras...those same thoughts keep running through my head.

Good luck with everything!

kristin said...

for the bra go to kathy at nordstrom in durham at southpoint. she is fabulous, she helps me lift up my ladies! ha! there is nothing like a GOOD bra, and she can hook you up!

Christen said...

I'm with you on the bra hunt! Pass on any advice you hear... Also, I don't have a suit (aka interview clothes) either, but you're right about that being a good thing to have!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I can definitely relate to a lot of what you write about.

www.LionsLairSwimwear.com has a great staff that is super friendly and will help you find the perfect fit! We have all the bra sizes imaginable in stock. We don't have a shopping cart, because we want to help get you into the perfect fit. You can call or email us at any time though!


Anonymous said...

I gave the wrong website address, cuz I'm a dork! It's www.LionsLairDesigns.com , not swimwear. Sorry!

Carly said...

Hi Suz!

I agree with you about how important it is to keep your friends close while you are in a relationship. In my previous relationship, I didn't do that. Then after it ended I had no one. Slowly rebuilding the friendships back, but I agree, you can't disregard your friends. Good for you, for not doing that! It does make the healing process easier when you can lean on your friends.

Thanks for passing along the 3 outfits you should always have on hand. I definitely agree they are better to have and not need then to need and not have...

Take care!


Carly said...

P.S. Oh, and I love the Lose It App, too! It definitely makes me stop and think about what I am putting in my mouth, knowing I am going to have to record the calories... Lol!

Jane said...

I am glad to hear you have decided to not forgo completing your 30 Before 30 List. I have been doing a lot of thinking about my own list recently, seeing as how I am turning 30 in a little over a month and have not crossed very many things off of my list. I had decided to take the same approach you mentioned, and adjust my goal to be to complete the list at some point while I am 30. You really are doing a great job with your list, and you should be proud of yourself! :-)

I know what you mean about getting over a relationship being hard. My most recent relationship ended just over a year ago now. At first, I couldn't even think about him without tears coming to my eyes (or full out crying), and I would have haunting dreams about him regularly. The dreams where we got back together were the worst, because when I would wake up I felt like my heart was breaking all over again. The passage of time and the support of amazing friends were definitely a huge part of what helped me get through the breakup, and even though I still think about him from time to time and wonder what might have been, I know I have come a long way from a year ago.