Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale- now that was intense!

If you did not see tonight's Grey's Anatomy season finale, you missed out.  I think that was the most intense 2 hours of TV I have ever watched!  I loved it!  There were so many great lines and it is like they saved up all their best writing for this one episode!

I loved...

When the chief's intern started babbling to the shooter all these personal details about herself to make him see she was a real person and think twice about shooting her.

When Meredith threw Christina out of the way to go to Derrick.

When Bailey had to give up on getting that guy out of the hospital and just put his head on her lap and started petting his head and telling him he was not alone.  If I were dying I would want someone to pet my head and tell me I wasn't alone.

When Meredith told that intern to stop crying.  That it had taken her a long time to find Derrick and a long time to figure out she wanted to be with him and now they are married and so on, so she did not get to cry over this...and I loved how the intern came back with the fact that her best friend had died that day.

When the shooter had the gun to Christina's head and she just could not stop operating.

When Teddy told whats his face that it was ok to choose and to go in there and get her.

When Meredith was getting ready to operate and the intern was like "were you shot?....but you're bleeding." and she just said "no i'm having a miscarriage" and just kept going.

When the old chief gave his monologue to the shooter about how he had lived...he had had heartache, he had suffered, he had had passion, he had dark days, he had had a great love and he had also had joy...he had really lived so he wasn't afraid to die.

The monologue at the end where they talk about how life is all about choices...but sometimes it is out of your hands.

It was such a great episode.  Great writing.  Great acting.  It was GREAT!  I seriously want a transcript of that show because most of those monologues were amazing!

And life really is all about choices.  The sad part is we don't live under the intense pressure that we could die at any minute or that our loved ones could die at any minute.  No one is holding a gun to our head.  So we get lazy about our choices.  Intense pressure like that can bring out how you really feel and the right choice becomes so much clearer.  I want to live like that.  Like today could be the last day.  Like this could be the last choice I ever get to make.


Erica said...

It was a very intense show and you're exactly right! We don't know the number of our days, so we should think about the choices we make.

Wani said...

My sis & friend & I always watch Greys together. We were freaking out. It was a very good episode. We were surprised that they didn't leave us hanging like they normally do for season finales.

Shoshanah said...

I was ridiculous! Every time there was a commercial I would literally scream. And know we're having to wait all summer for it to come back

Erin said...

I love this recap! That was a pretty intense finale and I loved every minute! My heart was pumping like crazy!