Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

I can’t muster up the energy to write a good, inspired, thought-provoking post this week. My brain is fried, so here are so random thoughts floating around in there:

Since when did I become a ma’am? I know it is polite to say “Yes Sir” and “No Ma’am” but being called Ma’am just bothers the crap out of me! It makes me feel like I am a grandma and old as crap.

I watched Food, Inc. last night and it really made me wish I had the willpower to become a vegetarian.

I am loving Carrie Underwood’s CD right now.

I sent a long plea email to my COBRA administration company begging them to reinstate me due to extenuating circumstances. They opened up a case for me, so all hope isn’t lost just yet.

My dog pawed me in the face over the weekend and I have a big red scratch down the middle of my nose. It makes me want to hide my face and stay at home all week.

I bought a new purse this weekend but I am taking it back tomorrow because I need the money for my application for the mission trip to Dubai! More details on this to come later I am sure.

I won a half price session with a really good dog photographer. It is still $42 and that does not include any of the pictures. Her pictures are so good though and Cam is my biggest love. Should I take advantage of it?

I had the money conversation with my boss (kind of). It was kind of thrown onto the end of a long meeting and I was just basically like what can I do to earn more money? Didn’t get much of an answer except that it depends on the market, but now she has laid out exactly what she expects of me this year, so I am making my way through the list and when I have everything checked off and felt like I have exceeded expectations, I will be bringing it up again.

Have you guys ever watched Big Love on HBO? I watched the first 2 seasons on DVD last year and loved them. I could never ever be in a plural marriage because of my slightly green jealous gene, but the show really does make it less creepy and seem somewhat practical. Thoughts?

Speaking of TV, now that I no longer have DVR (or more than 20 channels- 3 of which are home shopping and 2 Spanish channels), the only shows I seem to watch are Entertainment Tonight, The Bachelor, Grey's, and Desperate Housewives. For a TV junkie like me, that is really something!


Ally said...

I've thought that about the ma'am thing too! In my case I'm 7 years older than you, but I remember when I first heard it. I was like, wow :(

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

AnnQ said...

LOL on the ma'am thing ! :-)

As far as the pictures go, I think it depends on the cost of the pictures. We got pictures done with the two of us and our two dogs, and there were some awesome ones!

Unfortunately, they were just too expensive to make sense to get more than one (they cam framed, but an 8" x 10" started at $700...WTF. Even a 4"x6" was $200, and that's tiny).

Sam said...

Ugh, ma'am, such an ugly word! lol

Doggie pics sound amazing! I say DO IT! :) Unless the overall total will be something crazy.. then I guess don't.

I want to watch Big Love! I love Ginnifer Goodwin from He's Just Not That Into You so I want to see her in something else.

AuntBT said...

I hate it when people older than me say "ma'am", it hurts a little bit.

With the dog photographer, see if you can purchase a cd with all the images. Sometimes the photographer will give these to you for cheap, then you can go elsewhere and print your own.

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

My parents dog did that to me once and I had a fat lip for two days!!!
Carrie Underwoods newest cd is really good! Love it!