Friday, January 22, 2010

Dog Photography and Dating Decision

Cam has his photo session booked for Valentine's Day weekend which could not be anymore perfect since he is always my #1 Valentine!

Funny thing is that we figured out the photographer and I had been in the same agility class a few months ago! How crazy is that? It is such a small world!

I am so excited because her pictures are so great! I figure since I may never get married and have wedding pictures to spluge on, I may as well take advantage of this and get pictures of my biggest LOVE!

Check out her pictures here:

Diane Lewis Photography

I'm also going to get her to take a few shots of my mom's dog and get her some prints for Mother's Day or something.

So excited!

Oh and I give up on dating and trying to find "the one". I am too tired and busy to even try and dating sucks. I am tired of becoming best friends with someone and then never talking to them again. I decided I am fine if I never get married. I think it will be much more difficult financially and emotionally, but I am ok with it. If I happen to bump in to "The One" at the grocery store and we just click and live happily ever after, then great. But I otherwise, I am so over it.


Sam said...

I just went to her website; her photos are fantastic! That is so neat to be able to capture dogs like that in pictures.

Jen the Beachbum said...

Awww... I take pics of Ruby all of the time (mostly because I'm too fat to be in pics) but I never thought of getting professional ones done, that is a great idea.

I don't have any advice on the dating front because I can only imagine how difficult it is. It is difficult being in a relationship too, if that helps (though I know it doesn't).

heidi said...

Woohoo for dating sucks! Yay dating boycott!

Anonymous said...
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AnnQ said...

Those pictures are fabulous!!!

And (just my opinion) don't give up on dating! Take a hiatus, but you just never know when you'll meet someone awesome. :-)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Awww what a wonderful photographer! Those will be so nice to get done. I kind of want to get nice photos done with my cat - he's my baby :)

Sam said...

ps-i left you an award on my blog :)