Thursday, October 22, 2009

State Fair Fun!

I went to the NC State Fair yesterday. Witty guy and I left work early to get a head start and his 13-year old nephew joined us. We got there around 4pm and didn’t leave until after 10 pm, so it was a long day. We went on a Wednesday because I hate crowds. I have this form of claustrophobia where I freak out in crowds. I think it is because I am so short I feel like I am in this hole of people because I can’t see over them. It gets so bad I get panic attacks and just have to find a way out of the crowd. So I thought it would be a lot less crowded on a weekday than on the weekend. But dang if it wasn’t still packed!

The fair layout is very confusing. There are alley-ways with games and food vendors packed on each side and then these dead ends that lead no where which forces you to turn around and try a different way. So it was a lot of walking.

We did get to see the animals this year. That was my favorite part. There were lots of cows there with their little babies. There were pigs and piglets, little baby chicks, a beautiful horse and her baby mule (I think that is a cross between a donkey and a horse right?), but my favorites were the little miniature donkeys. The baby ones had this shaggy hair in their eyes and they were so stinking cute. If I had a big backyard I and could keep them baby sized, I would so get one. They also had a few cows you could milk for $2, but the line was too long, so we skipped that.

Witty guy and his nephew are not into rides. But I managed to get him to ride this one spinny ride which he hated. Then we all rode the Ferris Wheel and a dinky little haunted ride and then I rode the swings by myself.

The fair food is just crazy. They had ostrich, alligator on a stick, chocolate covered bacon, fried EVERYTHING, turkey legs, roasted corn, frozen bananas, pizza, ham biscuits, elephant ears, blooming onions, candy/caramel apples, ice cream, and pretty much every other unhealthy food you could imagine. I wanted to try everything! But let me tell you, fair food is expensive! We had turkey legs, a homemade lemonade, a chocolate covered frozen banana, and then the fried candy combo- it had a fried Snickers bar, a fried reese’s cup, and 2 fried oreos. It was all delicious!

Witty guy and his nephew spent at least $30-$50 on playing some games. And we only walked away with 4 tiny stuffed animals. (I’ve never been big into the games because I always thought they were a scam and have never ever known anyone personally who has won one of those huge stuffed animals.)

All together between the 3 of us, we spent $130 on the fair! Isn’t that crazy?

Overall I had fun, but I was a little disappointed with the fair. I think I blew it up too much in my head. For some reason I thought the fair was romantic. The chilly night, all the lights, sharing fair food, winning a stuffed animal for your girl, the cozy Ferris Wheel, but I had forgot about all the walking, the crowds, and all the money that would be spent. Oh well, it was still fun and I’m glad I got my fair fix!

Have ya’ll been to the fair this year?


Anonymous said...

I agree with the idea of fair romance. I think it's different when you go at night. Holding hands, seeing all the lights, sharing a funnel cake and getting cozy on the ferris wheel because it gets chilly that high up.
One thing I love about the fair is for some reason I always feel like a kid again. Between the petting zoo, the rides, and the sweet treats, I always feel like I'm walking down Childhood Lane again! :)

Carly said...

I love going to the fair and seeing the animals. They are definitely my favorite part. I would just die to have enough money to have a whole farm of baby animals... It would be soooo fun :) There's got to be some money in making animals stay small. Look at those miniature pigs. . . Someone's making some serious dough!

AnnQ said...

I love, LOVE Miniature Donkeys! The "new" Teacup Pot Belly Pigs are RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!!! The babies are the same size as a coffee mug. :-)

Anyhow, I know what you mean...Fairs are fun for sure, but definitely lots of people!