Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just call me a sucker

I had every intention of cancelling my cable and internet service today. I know, I know…I’m crazy huh? Well, the TV thing just got out of control. I sat down to catch up with my DVR last week and I had 14 hours of recorded TV to watch! 14 hours in 1 week! It was just insane. So I was going to go cold turkey in the hopes of breaking my TV addiction and doing something more productive with my time.

Plus I would save $120 a month! I rarely use my internet service from home so I was pretty sure I could live without it. $120 a month is a lot. All that extra money and free time would totally be worth it. I lived without TV and internet one summer in college and it was the most productive summer of my life! With all that free time I could concentrate on getting some things on my list accomplished like getting in the best shape of my life, reading the Bible all the way through and taking Cam to an agility class. With all the money I would be saving maybe I would be able to save up so I can travel abroad, upgrade a room in my house, pay all my own bills and invest in the stock market. It just made so much sense. I NEED to get crackin’ on this list because I only have less than a year left to get everything done!

Anyway, I called the cable company and of course I get a computer. I tell the computer I want to cancel my service. Twice, the computer transfers me to nowhere land. No hold music, no ringing, just dead silence is on the other end of the line. The third time I call back I decide to call the “sales” number thinking they would be less likely to lose a call to that number.

I finally get through to a person and I tell her I want to cancel my service for financial reasons. She asks which services I want to cancel and I tell her everything.

We spend the next half hour going down, down, down with the price. She is very persistent and despite me telling her at least 10 times I just want to cancel, she is not going to let me go.

First, she can get me all my services for $105/mo then she goes down to $100/mo then down to $95/mo. Now if I downgrade my internet, I can get everything for $89/mo and if I downgrade my cable I can get it for $85/mo. Now if I give up DVR and downgrade the internet some more, I can get it for $45/mo. Finally I just ask her what is the lowest I can go. She comes up with just the broadcast stations and “light” roadrunner for $28/mo. Keep in mind I started out at $120/mo.

I still want to just turn everything off for a while. But she tells me if I decide to turn it back on I will have to pay an instillation fee. I figure the $28/month isn’t that much to pay for keeping up with my TODAY show routine in the morning and catching some of the cable shows I like every once in a while and having internet to keep my I-pod up-to-date and for emergencies. So I agree to it.

I am a sucker. I cannot believe I gave in when I had my heart set on cancelling! But it is a really great deal right? Or do you think I should call back and try to cancel again?

P.S. Update on the mouth situation: It isn’t hurting anywhere near as bad today. I called my dentist yesterday to double check for cavities and he said he didn’t see anything. I cancelled my orthodontist consultation because I don’t think that is going to solve my pain issue. I called my doctor back and told her it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as it did this weekend. She wants me to start the Tegratrol, but I am holding off until it hurts again. They also made me a neurologist appointment but it isn’t until Nov. 3rd! So it is all good for now, but I will keep you updated.


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

o.m.g.... I can't believe they went that low in price!! Maybe I should call and try that?! HAHA!
I did the same thing awhile back... I had several HOURS of tv to catch up on on my DVR and it was just plain ridiculous! I didn't quit cold turkey but I did get rid of DVR in hopes that I would not watch as much tv. It worked like a charm! Now there are only about 3 shows I like to be home to watch (Greys, GG, and 90210) other than that I can find the shows online, the important clips on You Tube, or just not watch at all! So far it's been nice!! :)
Hope your mouth feels better! I had something similar awhile back and I was miserable! Hang in there!!!

CJR said...

I think you got a great deal! Don't feel bad. You did good!

Angela said...

Considering your previous posts about budgeting, you're saving almost $100 a month!! That's great if you ask me!!

What's a "'light' roadrunner" though?

Katie said...

Isn't it irritating when you find out you've been paying so much money and you could have gotten it for WAY less? I hate that.

Akirah said...

$28 a month! That's awesome. Apparently you have great bartering skills. I need to learn that from you!

Suz said...

Good...ya'll make me feel better that I got a good deal and made the right choice! I was beating myself up for not canceling everything all together. THANKS!!

Oh, and "light roadrunner" is their suckiest version of internet service. It is still cable though, apparently just a lot slower. But hey, I survived the "dail-up" days. I'm sure it won't be that bad!