Friday, October 30, 2009

Proud Momma and Annoyed Home Buyer

Cam had his test for Agility School on Wednesday and he did great! He performed on command and kept his attention on me while the other doggies were doing their tests. He was the second best dog in the class! The best one was this shepherd that does competition obedience. During his leash walk he never took his eyes off his owner and never strayed from her side. That is the one thing Cam and I need to work on. When I take Cam for walks, I let him run ahead of me and just enjoy being a dog. His doesn’t pull on the leash too much, but he sure doesn’t have his attention on me. So we have been practicing to heel on the leash this week. I’m competitive and I want him to be the best.

That being said, I was SO proud of him on Wednesday. Sometimes you never know how your dog is going to react to new situations. He did wonderfully and I was bursting with happiness that everything went so well! We start learning new things next week and I can’t wait!

Oh and check out his Halloween costume:

Cute huh? In case you can't tell, he is supposed to ba a devil.

Last night I went with Witty Guy for the final walk-thru of his house. When we pulled up a huge moving truck was parked in his 2 parking spots and the sellers were moving stuff out. We were annoyed that they were still there, but thought maybe they were just finishing up. We drove around and found a Visitor parking spot and waited for his agent to get there. When she pulled in, we walked down to the house to meet her and it seemed like chaos in that house! It looked like the only thing that had been moved out was their dining room table! The sellers said the movers had been there for 7 hours and I thought “Doing what?”

We walked in the house but it was a disaster with moving men and stuff everywhere. We went upstairs so we could have a more private conversation, but it was impossible to do any kind of walk-thru to check for things! As we were heading back downstairs a moving man was coming up and we asked him how long they had been there. He said they got there at about 6. Our walk-thru was at 6:30! They had only been there a half-hour!

We walked back downstairs and our agent said to the sellers that if we knew they were in the process of moving out we wouldn’t have come and she kept saying “Oh it’s no problem, we don’t mind.” Ummm, well we do!

So Witty Guy and his agent are going back for another walk-thru this morning. I sure hope everything looks okay. Judging from the condition we saw it in, the sellers were going to have to be up all night moving and the cleaning and touching up paint and patching holes. His closing is this morning at 11 and I am very excited for him. I can’t wait to see the house with all the sellers stuff out and help him make it his own!


AnnQ said...

LMFAO - I seriously laughed out loud when I saw Cam's costume! LOVE IT!

Jen Carr said...

Cam is adorable! He and Ruby need to get together to play again sometime.

That is very strange that those people weren't moved out, what on earth were they waiting for?

I haven't even put my house on the market yet and I already started packing stuff I know I won't need!

Shoshanah said...

Buying a house is so exciting. I hope the walk through went better the second time!