Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Over the Top!

Hooray! One of my most favorite bloggers over at her new blog Busy Bookworm Review has given me a blog award! You should check out her book blog because it is very snazzy and her regular blog because she is awesome and dates a Lobster!

The rules of accepting this award is that I have to answer the following questions and then pass the award on to six other bloggers. So...

1.Where is your cell phone: right by my left hand on my desk at the ready

2.Your hair: needs a bang trim

3.Your mother: sweet and oh so nice

4.Your father: passed away from pancreatic cancer

5.Your favorite food: cupcakes

6.Your dream from last night: can't remember but I had a bad one this weekend

7.Your favorite drink: cherry coke or diet mnt. dew

8.Your dream/goal: to be a mom with a big family and a successful realtor

9.What room are you in: office

10.What is your hobby: reading, entertaining my dog

11.What is your fear: never having a family of my own

12.Where do you want to be in 6 years: hopefully married and a kid by then because if all my eggs aren't dead by then, there will be very few left

13.Where were you last night: at home transferring my CDs to my computer so I can maybe sell the CDs at a yardsale

14.Something you are not: rich

15.Muffins: strawberry

16.Wish list items: hardwood floors, Iphone, new shoes

17.Where did you grow up: Morganton, NC- look it up, it's pretty but was such a bore of a town in high school

18.Last thing you did: called agents for feedback on their showings of our listings

19.What are you wearing: black pants, pink sweater

20.Your TV: only gets like 4 channels now

21.Your pets: are so freaking cute! Cam might have Bailey beat though

22.Your friends: great

23.Your life: a mystery I keep trying to solve

24.Your mood: content

25.Missing someone: the crew

26.Vehicle: XC90 still lovin it!

27.Something you're not wearing: jewlery (not even earings right now)

28.Your favorite store: Tar-jay

29.Your favorite color: pink

30.When's the last time you laughed: earlier today...I laugh a lot

31.When's the last time you cried: last week when my teeth hurt so bad

32.Your best friend: gets me

33.One place you go over and over: work...it's neverending isn't it?

34.One person who emails me regularly: Centralized Showing Services and I wish they would cut back with their notifications dude!

35.Favorite place to eat: too many...right now I am craving Flying Buscuit Oatmeal Pancakes

I pass on this award to:
My real life friend Heather at Colormehazel
Gigi at Gigi's Gone Shopping
The Lovely Opptomistic Pessimist

and my first 3 Bookshelf Blog Followers!
Somewhere In Between
Simply Sam
thanks for following girlies!!


AnnQ said...

Congrats on the Award! :-)

Optimistic Pessimist said...

thanks for the award! i am absolutely horrible posting awards, but will try, try, try!!!