Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's the little things...

I just wrote a review of The Opposite of Love over on my Bookshelf Blog yesterday.

I wandered over there today to check and see if I had any followers because I just added that followers widget yesterday (nope no followers). BUT I did see my review had a comment. (I rarely ever get comments over there. I don't think anyone reads that blog)

Lo and Behold it was a comment from the author herself! Ummm...yeah, that made my day!

Good thing too because I was feeling crappy about yesterdays post.

Amazing how such little things can sway your mood one way or the other!


Somewhere In Between said...

I ADORE Julie Buxbaum!! If you haven't, you have to read After You. If you liked The Opposite of Love, you won't be able to put down After you!!

Carly said...

Wow! That is so cool you received a comment from the author :)

I have read your Bookshelf Blog from time to time but I just now became a follower of this blog and I've been reading it for months! Maybe, other's are in the same situation? Plus, I have been terrible at reading. I received Twilight as a b-day gift (in July!!) and have yet to crack it open. And, I WANT to read it.

Jennifer Carr said...

Sue, I read your bookshelf blog all the time, like whenever I have run out of books to read. :) I just don't the whole following thing.