Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Snippets on Monday

Sorry for my lack of posts lately.  I just got back from my annual ski trip last night!  It was a blast and I will do a wrap-up post about it tomorrow. 

When I am out of town on the weekends, I miss going to church.  But fortunately that doesn't mean I miss the sermon completely.  In fact the sermon at my church is only one of the 3-4 sermons I listen to each week.  I like listening to podcasts from other churches while I'm working or at night when I'm trying to fall asleep.  In fact I listen to one on the way up to West Virgina on Wednesday. It's so easy because they are all on iTunes and I don't even have to download them.  I just stream them.  Here are the ones I try to listen to each week.

The Summit Church- JD Greear

This is my church.  I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with a lot of things at my church, but I always love JD's sermons.  I never feel like they are as long as they are.  I am always captivated and engaged with what he is saying.  We just finished our Jonah series.  I'll have to listen to this weekend's sermon because it was the 10th anniversary of our church's re-launch as The Summit.  I'm sad I missed it!

Austin Stone Community Church- Matt Carter

If I ever visit Austin, TX I will visit this church!  These sermons may be my favorite (shhh don't tell JD).  I love my home church, but these are sermons I make sure I listen to each week as well.  They did a series on heaven and hell last year that is still to this day one of my most favorite sermon series ever.  Right now they are doing a series Counterfeit Love about idolatry and it is seriously speaking to me!

Mars Hill Church- Mark Driscoll

I also enjoy Mark Driscoll's sermons.  Right now he is doing a sermon series on marriage that goes along with a book he and his wife co-wrote together about marriage.  It's pretty darn good.  This is the one I listened to on the way up to WV.  It was called "The Respectful Wife" and it definitely made me realize how much I could improve in that area and how much I had disrespected my boyfriends in past relationships.

Northpoint Community Church- Andy Stanley

These sermons are pretty good too.  They aren't as "meaty" as the others, but often have a lot of good life applications. 

Do you listen to sermon podcasts?  If so which ones?

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Ally said...

I had no idea you could get sermon podcasts. I am going to check them out for sure.