Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Wednesday- Nails (again)...also what to give up for Lent?

I am a little obsessed with nail polish at the moment.  I just realized I bought 5 new nail polishes in one month!

Anyway, here is the pin that inspired me last week:

Since it was Valentine's day last week, I decided to do white shatter over red polish.  Here is how it turned out:

It was a little funky, but I really liked it!  And I got a lot of compliments on it!  And it actually lasted a little longer than my normal polish jobs.  So I'd call that another success!  Thanks Pinterest for the inspiration!

On another note today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.  I love this season because it always ends up deepening my relationship with God and teaches me so much about myself.  In the past I have given up fast food, sodas, and last year I gave up cigarettes (I ended up giving them up for good not just for Lent!  YAY!)

This year I have decided to give up complaining.  The other contenders were to give up cursing, sweets, or my daily diet coke.  Ultimately I decided on complaining because it is something I do enjoy doing so I would be depraving myself of something I like.  Also one of the fruits of the spirit that I feel like I am greatly lacking in sometimes is joy.  I want to be a more joyful person.  It is going to be hard.  And it's not as easy to measure.  What is considered complaining and what is constructive criticism?  With cursing, sweets, or diet coke it would have been easier to tell when/if I "fail".  But with complaining sometimes it isn't so black and white.  In fact am I complaining right now??  Maybe I should just give up speaking in general!  I'll stop now before I get myself in trouble.

What are you giving up for Lent?


Jennifer M. said...

Complaining seems like it would have more of an attitude, while constructive criticism is just objectively analyzing something (like how a teacher grades a paper, for example). Complaining is more like, "Why is this jerk cutting me off [in traffic]". Lol.

T's Mama said...

I thought about giving up complaining but then realized I enjoy it too much . . . but after reading your post I'm convicted! Maybe I should stop with the whiney compaints?! Like you, I'm going to be scared to open my mouth! Happy Lent! :o)